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    The effect of magnetism of mineral on the mineral separation

    Date:2014-10-27 Writer:zoneding

          The magnetism of minerals has significant effect on mineral separation process. Magnetic susceptibility of the mineral particles in the recycled magnetic minerals will decide the magnetic field intensity choice of the magnetic separator.
          In the separation process of the high intensity mineral particles, not only the magnetic susceptibility but also the residual magnetization and coercive force of the particle will have significant effect on the mineral separation process.Due to their existence, the high intensity or magnetism magnetic ores being separated by the magnetic separators, will still reserve the magnetism strength. So that the fine and micro-fine particle will form the magnetic group or floc. 
          Fine and micro-fine magnetite iron ore or other high magnetism ores will form a magnetic linkage or bundle alone the orientation of the magnetic force line.The magnetic linkage formed in the magnetic field of the magnetic separator will do good to the recycling micro-fine magnetic particle, especially the wet separation process.
          In the constant magnetic field, no matter you want to separate the high intensity iron ore particle in dry magnetic separation process or in wet magnetic separation process, the separation efficiency can not reach very high.In order to improve the separation efficiency,you can adopt the rotating alternating magnetic field or coordinate with other beneficiation method (such as flotation machine process) to remove the monomer gangue in the high intensity ores.
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