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    • Mobile Jaw Crusher
    • Mobile Jaw Crusher
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    Mobile Jaw Crusher

    【Type】:Primary Crusher

    【Capacity】:30-250 T/h

    【Feed Size】:0-1000mm

    【Application】:Iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, manganese ore, limestone, granite, basalt, andesite, quartz, silica, gypsum, volcanic rock, marble, river stone, gravel, coal etc

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    Brief Introduction:

    The Mobile Jaw Crusher was designed by ourselves, utilizing the very latest European technology, including finite element techniques to minimize stress levels within the frame itself.Jaw crusher mobile crushing plant is a kind of new rock broken equipment, mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity engineering, to process material often needed to move, especially for liquidity stone processing used in the highway, railway, water and electricity engineering. Mobile Jaw crusher greatly expands the crushing operation concept fields. Its design purpose is standing in customer's position, to eliminate broken processing barriers given to customers by the broken site, environment as your primary settle solution, and to provide efficient, low cost of the project operation hardware facilities.


    1.Integration of a complete set of the equipment installation forms, eliminate the fission of infrastructure components installed homework, reduce the material consumption, working hours. The rational compact space layout, improve the flexibility of the station;
    2.Mobility flexible The vehicle-mounted chassis is high, the width of frame is less than operations trailer, the turning radius is small, convenient for ordinary highway, more convenient for driving in the crushing field of the rugged bad road environment. To save time for station in construction site. The more conducive to the reasonable construction area, for whole crushing procedure provides more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration;
    3. Reduce the material transportation cost. Jaw crusher mobile crushing plant can supply the crushing of first line, exempt from the intermediate link which material to be broken away from the scene, which reduces the material transportation cost. In addition, extension units can more directly put the broken material into a transport trunk, and turn away from the scene;
    4. Direct and effective work role integration of jaw crusher mobile crushing stand, can be used independently, can also according to the customer in the process of material type, product requirements and provide a more flexible technology configuration, meet user mobile crushing, mobile screen classification requirements, make generation organization, logistics transport more direct and effective, and to maximize the cost reduction;
    5. Strong adaptability and flexible configuration Jaw crusher mobile crushing plant, in view of crushing, screening system, can be independently operate in single unit, can also flexibly composite system configuration unit to joint work. Discharge hopper side out for screening materials transportation mode provides a variety of configuration flexibility, the integration of the diesel generator unit configuration in addition to giving the unit power supply, can also pointed to the process system configuration unit for the joint power supply.

    Technical Parameters:

    Mobile Jaw Crusher plant model and main unit parameter:

    Model Transport length (mm) Transport height (mm) Transport width (mm) Max. height (mm) Max. width (mm) Belt conveyor height (mm) Total weight (ton)
    ZDYG938E57 11000 3900 2450 4700 2900 2600 36
    ZDYG938E69 11200 3900 2450 4700 2900 2600 42
    ZDYG1149E710 13000 4400 2450 5100 3100 2600 55


    Model Vibrating Feeder Jaw crusher Belt conveyor Extended belt conveyor Generator Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
    ZDYG938E57 GZD900x3800 PE500x750 B650X7M Optional Optional 40-90 68.5
    ZDYG938E69 GZD-960x3800 PE600x900 B650X7M Optional Optional 70-150 88.5
    ZDYG1149E710 GZD1100x4900 PE750x1060 B800X9M Optional Optional 120-250 132

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