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    Dust Collector

    【Capacity】:1500-12700 m³/h

    【Density of Inlet】:200g/m³

    【Density of Outlet】:50g/ m³

    【Application】:Building material, metallurgy, mining, coal, nonmetal ore superfine powder processing industries.

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    Brief Introduction:

    DMC Pulse Dust Collector is a kind of highly efficient collector which is designed on the base of overseas advanced technology.  It combines advantages of locellus blowback dust collector and jetting pulse cleaning dust collector, avoids less strength of locellus blowback and simultaneous re-absorbing of jetting pulse cleaning dust and filter.  It adopts highly efficient off-line method, so it can clean dust with larger capacity, higher efficiency, lower system resistance, longer life of filter-bag, etc.  It is widely used to collect dust in grinder, crusher, packing machine, silo top, matching materials of cement industry.  It can clean not only air with common dust, but air with high density (even 1300g/Nm³), so it can collect final product of vertical mill and 0-sepa separator.  It can be also widely used in grain, light industry, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc.


    1.    Off-line method cleans dust and dust collecting efficiency can reach 99.99%, there is no second dust absorbing, so it is suitable to deal with smoke with high density, and can directly collect product with high density.
    2.    Filter material with high quality can meet any working condition.
    3.    PLC intelligent controlling system can be operated easily, precisely and reliably.
    4.    Gas tank structure and module manufacturing make installation much easier.
    5.    Advanced balancing wind design reduces operating resistance of dust collector.

    Technical Parameters:

    Model Total filter area (m2) Filtering wind speed (m/min) Input air (m3/h) No. of filter bag (pc) Specification of filter bag (mm) Air consumption  (m3/h) Inlet Density
    (g/ m3)
    Outlet Density
    (mg/ m3)
    DMC-32 24 1.04-1.67 1500-2400 32 Φ120x2000 0.032 200 50
    DMC-48 36 1.15-1.62 2500-3500 48 Φ120x2000 0.048
    DMC-64 48 1.21-1.74 3500-5000 64 Φ120x2000 0.064
    DMC-80 60 1.25-1.67 4500-6000 80 Φ120x2000 0.08
    DMC-96 72 1.27-1.62 5500-7000 96 Φ120x2000 0.096
    DMC-112 84 1.28-1.68 6500-8500 112 Φ120x2000 0.11
    DMC-120 90 1.3-1.76 7500-9500 120 Φ120x2000 0.12
    DMC-168 126 1.2-1.68 9700-12700 168 Φ120x2000 0.168
    Any change of technical parameters, there is no further notice.

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