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Reason and Solution for Grate Broken of Hammer Crusher
2019-08-09 09:07:36 小编

  Grates on hammer crusher function as a screen. Materials which meet the requirement of particle size can be screened out through grate gap. If the grates are broken, it will affect the quality of products. Here are some main reasons for grate broken and their corresponding solutions.

  The reasons for grate broken:

  Firstly, when hammer crusher is working, the grates will be struck by hammer and materials time and again. Over time, the grates can be worn out and even broken. Secondly, the grate frame is not thick enough, and the space between hammer and grates is not appropriate. Thirdly, the structure of grate frame is not designed properly. Fourthly, the grates are not assembled accurately.

  The solutions for grate broken:

  1. Select suitable materials to make grates and grate supporting frame. The grates can not only serve to crush materials, but to control the particle size. Therefore, materials with features of high toughness and hardness are usually chosen to make grates and supporting frame, such as high manganese steel or forged steel. Especially, to forge grates can increase their wear resistance and toughness.

  2. Assemble the equipment strictly according to product instruction and maintain it timely. The space among grates should be adjusted moderately and properly. When the space becomes large because of wear and tear of grates, replace or repair them in time in case it affects the particle size of products. After assembling the equipment, press the grates tightly to check for the loose ones.

  3. Improve the grate frame structure through technological innovation.

  a. Use wear-resisting welding rod to weld a 20-30 mm layer on the surface of grate frame to increase its thickness.

  b. Use stainless steel electrode to weld each grate to the grate frame so as to increase its stability.

  c. Reduce the width of liners so as to adjust grate frame conveniently.

  d. Use the grate supporting frame without groove.

  e. Add a length of arc at the end of grate frame to increase the working area of hammer.