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What Are the Functions of Toggle Plate of Jaw Crusher?
2019-08-09 09:08:35 小编

  Toggle plate is the most simple and low-cost part of Jaw Crusher, which is usually made by cast iron. It is the driving part of jaw crusher and has three main functions. That is, transmit power, adjust discharge opening and function as a safety device.

  Transmit power

  Toggle plate is a power transmission part of jaw crusher. It is used to support movable jaw plate and transmit crushing force to the back of body frame.

  Adjust discharge opening

  Adjust the outlet of jaw crusher by way of changing the size of toggle plate. It has two specific ways to adjust the outlet. One is to change the gaskets between supporting base of toggle plate and body frame, and the other is to adjust the two wedge blocks between toggle plate and body frame.

  Function as a safety device

  When hard materials or metals which cannot be crushed are put into crushing chamber, the toggle plate will disconnect automatically so as to stop the machine and prevent other parts from being broken.