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How to Remove Rust of Crushing Equipment
2019-08-09 09:09:28 Zoneding

  When the crushing equipment is stored and not used for a long time, it will get rusty, which causes many problems, such as the deterioration of the crusher quality, production reduction, production waste, large maintenance costs and personal safety. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to prevent crusher from rusting and to remove rust when it gets rusty.

  The way to prevent rust:

  When the stored crusher is put into use again, you should check the painting on it and paint it as needed. Before assembling the crusher, remove preservative from all the contact surface of it. If flywheels have been removed from eccentric shaft, make sure the contact surface between them is coated with preservative.

  During the storage or seasonal shutdown of crusher, the equipment must be stored on a solid support to prevent the contact with the ground. Make the crusher run for five minutes at least once a month to ensure the bearings are lubricated well. If it cannot operate during storage, turn the flywheels several rounds by hands to make sure they are lubricated well. If necessary, lubricate the bearings.

  The way to remove rust:

  Use high-pressure water jet to remove rust and coating, which has a high derusting efficiency, no dust pollution and no damage to steel. However, after derusting, the steel easily gets rusty again, so it should be painted with wet coating.

  Another way is chemical derusting. Use acid to react chemically with metallic oxide so as to remove rust on metal surface. This method can be only used in workshop.