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Shaking Table
  • 【Type】: 6-S
  • 【Feed Size】: 0.15-2mm
  • 【Capacity】: 0.3-1.8 t/h
  • 【Application】: Industrial fields like ore beneficiation plant. To separate materials including tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanic iron and coal.
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Brief Introduction:

Shaking table is one of most commonly used mineral beneficiation equipment,although the processing ability based on unit area of shaking table is low,but its effective particles size sorting could be up to 0.037mm limit,the interval grill of table surface is very clear and machine operating is easy.Shaking table could continuously sort concentrate ore,second-grade ore and tailings,it is very important ore sorting equipment.Shaking table is made of machine head,motor,adjusting gradient device,bed,bunker,water tank,rifle bar and lubrication system.


1. Great ratio of high-grade ore, high separating efficiency, easy to operate and convenient to adjust the stroke.

2. Strong wear resistance of the working surface.

3. Anti-chemical corrosion, acid and alkali.

4. Strong resistance to harsh environment.


Shaking Table(图1) Shaking Table(图2)

Shaking Table(图3) Shaking Table(图4)

Namebed surface for coarse sandbed surface for fine sandbed surface for slurry
Bed dimensionLength (mm)445044504450
transmission end width (mm)185518551855
concentrate ore width (mm)154615461546
Max Feeding Size (mm)20.50.15
Feeding volume (t/d)30-6010-2015-25
Feeding density (%)25-3020-2515-25
stroke (mm)16-2211-168-16
Frequency ( t/s)45-4848-5350-57
Cross Slope of Surface2.5°-4.5°1.5°-3.5°1°-2°
Mineral dressing area (㎡)
Shape of bed surfaceRectangleindentionTriangle
Motor Power (KW)
Driving typeEccentric link structure

Any change of technical parameters, there is no further notice.