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Drum Dryer
  • 【Effective Volume】: 4-230m³
  • 【Power】: 4-110kW
  • 【Heat Source】: Coal, oil, natural gas, timber.
  • 【Drying Materials】: Sawdust, palm shell,wood chips,bagasse,straw,vinasse,slag,coal powder, mining powder,clay,sand,limestone and so on.
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Brief Introduction:

Drum dryer is one of traditional dryer machines. This equipment has such advantages as reliable working condition, elastic operation, strong adaptability and high processing capacity, so that it is widely used in many fields such as metallurgy, building material, chemistry, coal washing, fertilizer, sand, ore, clay, kaolin and sugar. The diameter of drum drier is 1000-4000mm, and the length can be determined according to the specific drying requirement. The moist materials that go inside the cylinder of the dryer machine will be repeatedly lifted and scattered by the lifting board on the rotating wall, and in the falling process, the materials will be crushed by the scattering device into fine particles whose specific area is greatly increased, and the fine materials will sufficiently contact the hot air and will be dried.


1.Drum dryer machine has high processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost.

2.Drum dryer has heat resisting features, so that it is able to use high-temperature hot air to quickly dry the materials.

3.It has strong expansion capacity, and the design takes the production margin into consideration, so that even the output increases, there is no need to change the equipment.

4.This drum drying machine adopts the structure of self-aligning tug which is excellently matched with the roller ring, thus greatly reducing the abrasion and power consumption.

5.The specially designed catch wheel greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused due to the slant of the equipment.

6.This drum dryier has strong anti-overload capacity, stable operation and high reliability.


Drum Dryer(图1) Drum Dryer(图2)

Drum Dryer(图3) Drum Dryer(图4)

Length and DiameterVolumeReducerThickness (mm)Weight (T)Power(kw)Fan power (kw)Yield(t)
Φ  0.8 ×  84JZQ35083.2440.5-2
Φ  0.8 ×  105JZQ35083.7440.5-2.5
Φ  1 ×  86.3JZQ35084.55.541-2.5
Φ  1 ×  107.9JZQ35085.25.55.51-3
Φ  1 ×  129.4JZQ35085.77.55.51-4
Φ  1.2 ×  1011.3JZQ400109117.51-4.5
Φ  1.2 ×  1213.6JZQ4001010117.51-4.8
Φ  1.2 ×  1415.8JZQ4001011117.51-5
Φ  1.2 ×  1618JZQ4001012117.52-6
Φ  1.5 ×  1221.2JZQ5001214.4117.52-9
Φ  1.5 ×  1424.7JZQ5001215.615112-9.5
Φ  1.5 ×  1628.3JZQ5001216.815112-10
Φ  1.8 ×  1435.6JZQ500162318.5155-11
Φ  1.8 ×  1640.7JZQ5001624.518.5155-12
Φ  1.8 ×  1845.8JZQ500162618.5155-13
Φ  2 ×  1856.5JZQ65018312218.55-15
Φ  2 ×  2062.8JZQ650183330225-16
Φ  2 ×  2269JZQ650183530225-17
Φ  2.2 ×  1868.3JZQ650203830228-18
Φ  2.2 ×  2075.9JZQ650204230228-19
Φ  2.2 ×  2283.5JZQ650204630228-20
Φ  2.2 ×  2491.1JZQ650205030228-21
Φ  2.4 ×  1672.3JZQ6502245373010-20
Φ  2.4 ×  2090.4JZQ7502251453710-22
Φ  2.4 ×  24108.2JZQ7502260553710-25
Φ  2.4 ×  28126.6JZQ7502467755510-30
Φ  2.7 ×  181.03JZQ7502455755515-25
Φ  2.7 ×  24137.3JZQ7502468755515-30
Φ  3 ×  20141.3JZQ9002581755525-30
Φ  3.2 ×  20160JZQ9002595905525-35
Φ  3.2 ×  28225JZQ90025101907525-40
Φ  3.5 ×  24230JZQ900251201107530-50

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.