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Mobile CrusherMobile Crusher

Mobile Crusher

Applied Materials: Construction waste, river pebbles, quartz sand, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, etc.
  • Feed Size:≤800mm
  • Capacity: 85-650TPH

Introducing the Mobile Crusher

The Mobile Crusher, also known as the mobile crushing station, is a crucial product in today’s era of advanced crushing technology. Its key features include on-the-go operation, providing flexibility and convenience in equipment transfer, and ensuring reliable and safe operation.

The Mobile Crusher is highly advantageous for contractors involved in rock mining, aggregate production, road construction, recycling companies, and more. It offers portable rock crushers like mobile impact crushers, mobile cone crushers, and mobile jaw crushers. These crushers are invaluable as they allow for the recycling and reuse of waste generated at the site, reducing landfill and dumping costs while creating other valuable products.

This mobile crusher integrates various equipment and can be powered by its own engine or by a tractor, providing the necessary power for operation. Its mobility enables easy transportation to desired locations, allowing for on-site production. Developed by experts at Zoneding Machine, this mobile crusher considers the specific requirements of both domestic and international sand and stone production.

Compared to standard crushers, the mobile crusher offers the advantage of convenience in movement and occupying a smaller area. As a result, it finds wide application in various mining projects within the industry.

Mobile Crusher

At Zoneding Machine, we take pride in our extensive range of mobile crusher plants and screens that are designed to cater to diverse needs. Our selection includes tracked and wheeled options, ensuring flexibility for a variety of quarrying and construction projects. Whether you need jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, screens, or VSI crushers, we have a comprehensive inventory to meet your specific requirements. Browse through our offerings to find the perfect equipment for your project.

Mobile crushers can be classified into two main types

wheeled mobile crushers and tracked mobile crushers. These innovative machines are specifically designed to efficiently crush rocks and address the limitations of traditional crushing equipment, such as restricted displacement space and poor maneuverability.

Wheeled mobile crushers and tracked mobile crushers offer efficient and eco-friendly solutions for rock crushing in various industrial fields. They provide enhanced flexibility and mobility, enabling easy transportation between different job sites.

To meet the diverse production requirements of users, we offer a wide range of mobile crusher options. Some common types include mobile jaw crushers, mobile cone crushers, mobile hammer crushers, mobile impact crushers, and mobile sand machines.

Mobile crushers and screening equipment are typically installed on a movable wheel or crawler platform, which provides a stable base for crushing and screening operations. This configuration allows for quick and convenient relocation as needed.

Tracked Mobile Crusher VS Wheeled Mobile Crusher.jpg

The Classification of Mobile Crusher

Performance Characteristics of Mobile Crusher

The mobile crusher offers exceptional performance characteristics that make it a valuable equipment choice for various applications. It is highly intelligent, allowing for parameter adjustment and early-stage debugging. As operations progress, unmanned operation becomes possible, with the exception of the engine. The mobile crusher is equipped with a generator that can run on diesel or electricity, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity.

The use of new wear-resistant materials ensures durability and a long service life. The crushing space is sealed, and the mobile crusher is equipped with spray devices, dust removal systems, and noise elimination devices, creating a better working environment and promoting environmentally friendly production.

With a well-designed structure, stylish appearance, flexibility, and user-friendly operation, the mobile crusher provides a smooth and reliable operation with fewer faults. This helps to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

In addition, the mobile crusher can operate in ultra-low temperature environments and is not affected by winter rain, snow, or icy road conditions. It also has low requirements for the work site, allowing for greater adaptability.

Mobile Crusher Characteristic.jpg

Customer Case

Mobile Crusher Site.jpg

The Manufacturer of Mobile Crusher

Zoneding Machine is a prominent and reputable manufacturer of mobile crushers. Located in Henan province, they offer a wide selection of models to meet various crushing needs. Their equipment is highly versatile and can efficiently crush large quantities of hard rock or produce a wide range of aggregate sizes.

Zoneding Machine provides the option of various accessories to ensure that customers have the right machine for their specific requirements. Their team is capable of customizing production lines to match site and material specifications, and this service is offered free of charge. Customers can rely on Zoneding Machine’s expertise and experience in providing tailored solutions.

The crushing plants from Zoneding Machine come equipped with different crushing models, guaranteeing a suitable option for every customer. Their products are exported to numerous countries and regions worldwide, highlighting their international reputation and reach. Customers are encouraged to visit their factory or bring raw materials for testing.

Zoneding Machine is committed to helping customers achieve remarkable success by delivering high-quality mobile crushers and providing excellent customer service.

General Specification

Technical parameters of mobile impact crusher

Transportation Length(mm)1200012000139001545015450
Transportation Width(mm)25502550290029502950
Transportation Height(mm)39003900445045004500
Maximum Length(mm)1250012500139001545015450
Maximum Width(mm)32503260325032503250
Maximum Height(mm)51005200520052005200
Crusher ModelPF-1210PF-1214PF-1315HD1110HD1315
The Maximum Feeding Size(mm)350350500400700
Production Capacity(t/h)70-130100-180130-250112280
Vibrating FeederZSW950×3800ZSW950×3800ZSW110×4900ZSW130×4900ZSW130×4900
Main Belt ConveyorB800×8.5MB800×8.5MB1000×9.5MB800×11MB1200×11M
Side-opening Belt conveyor(Optional)B500×3.2MB500×3.2MB650×4MB650×4MB650×4M
Genset(Optional) (kw)320320400320440
Iron Separator (Optional)(kw)RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-10RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-12

Mobile Jaw Crusher Technical Parameters

Transportation Length(mm)12600135001450015200
Transportation Width(mm)2600270028002900
Transportation Height(mm)3870420044504500
Maximum Length(mm)12500140001610016700
Maximum Width(mm)4100450051005100
Maximum Height(mm)4100490050005300
Tire ConfigurationDual-axialDual-axialDual-axialDual-axial
Jaw CrusherHD80HD98HD110HD125
Maximum Feeding Size(mm)500550660800
Discharge Opening Size(mm)50-15075-175100-200125-225
Vibrating ModelZSW380×95ZSW420×110ZSW490×130ZSW490×130
Main Belt ConveyorB800×8.5MB1000×9.5MB1000×11MB1200×11M
Side-opening Belt conveyor(Optional)B500×3MB650×3.5MB650×4MB650×4M
Genset(Optional) (kw)200250270400
Iron Separator (Optional)RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-10RCYD(C)-10RCYD(C)-12

Please note that the information provided above is subject to change as technology advances. Zoneding Machine reserves the right to make modifications to their products without prior notice. Machine performance may vary depending on the specific application and other factors.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Zoneding Machine’s mobile crushers and their capabilities, it is recommended to chat online with their engineers. They will be able to provide you with detailed and precise details regarding their products and answer any specific questions you may have.

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