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Mobile Crushing and Screening PlantMobile Crushing and Screening Plant

Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

Applied Materials: River gravel, limestone, granite, basalt, andesite, iron ore, quartz, diabase, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore,etc.
  • Feed Size:3-400mm
  • Capacity: 50-300TPH


Introduction of Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

The mobile crushing and screening plant plays a crucial role in the production of crushing processes. It can be used in combination with a primary jaw mobile crusher or as a standalone sorting and screening machine for different sizes of aggregates, providing a finer mixture. This makes it widely used in the crushing industry.

The mobile crushing and screening plant is designed with self-driven mode, advanced technology, and comprehensive functions. It can efficiently crush and screen materials in any terrain conditions. The mobile screening station, also known as mobile screening equipment or mobile screen, is capable of climbing and screening materials, meeting the requirements of various mining, hydropower, and engineering projects.

Zoneding Machine manufactures mobile crushing and screening plants, which can be categorized into rubber-tired mobile screening stations and tracked mobile screening stations. These plants are designed to be highly efficient in crushing and screening operations, enhancing productivity and meeting the specific needs of customers.

It’s important to note that the technology and specifications of mobile crushing and screening plants may evolve over time. For detailed and up-to-date information, it is recommended to consult with Zoneding Machine or their authorized representatives.

The mobile crushing and screening plant offers several performance advantages, including:

Flexibility and Customization: Customers have the freedom to choose between “screening before crushing” or “crushing after screening” based on their product requirements. This allows for greater flexibility in the production process. Additionally, the increase of the return material conveyor enables the conversion between closed circuit and open circuit systems, enhancing the utilization of the equipment.

High Efficiency: The mobile crushing and screening plant is designed with a universal car body model, allowing for easy transportation and deployment. The interchangeability of the feeding and screening units further enhances efficiency and production capacity. Compared to fixed screening stations, it offers better performance in terms of work efficiency.

Integrated Operation: The mobile crushing and screening plant integrates various process equipment, such as receiving, screening, and transferring, into one unit. This integrated design optimizes the production line, enabling the completion of multiple processing operations with different demands.

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Advantages of Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

The mobile crushing and screening plant finds applications in various industries, including:

Water and Electricity Industry: The mobile crushing and screening plant is used in water and electricity projects for efficient crushing and screening of materials necessary for construction and infrastructure development.

Expressway Construction: It is employed in expressway construction projects to process aggregates and provide high-quality materials for road construction.

Artificial Gravel Production: The plant is used in the production of artificial gravel or crushed stone, which is widely used in construction projects such as buildings, roads, and bridges.

Urban Construction Waste Treatment: The mobile crushing and screening plant is particularly practical for the treatment of urban construction waste. It efficiently processes and transforms waste into reusable materials, contributing to sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Quarrying: It is widely used in various quarries for the processing and screening of materials, allowing for the production of high-quality aggregates.

Waste Building Materials Screening: The mobile plant is utilized for the screening of waste building materials, separating them into useful materials for recycling or disposal.

Mobile Sand Making: The plant is employed for mobile sand making, allowing for on-site production of sand for construction purposes.

Mining and Metallurgy: It finds applications in the mining and metallurgical industries for the processing and screening of ores and minerals.

Energy Sector: The mobile crushing and screening plant may be utilized in the energy sector for screening materials used in power plant construction and maintenance.

Overall, the mobile crushing and screening plant has a wide range of applications and is versatile in various industries, including road construction, waste treatment, mining, and energy. Its mature technology, simple maintenance, and adaptability to different conditions make it a valuable asset for crushing and screening tasks.

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Applications of Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

The working principle of a mobile crushing and screening plant involves several steps:

Material Transportation: The materials are transported to the crushing equipment through a belt conveyor. This conveyor ensures a continuous flow of materials to the crusher for processing.

Crushing Process: The crusher, which is a key component of the plant, breaks down the larger-sized materials into smaller pieces. This process helps in reducing the size of the materials and preparing them for further processing.

Material Transfer: After the crushing process, the broken materials are sent out by a belt conveyor. The conveyor transfers the materials to the next stage of the screening process.

Vibrating Screening: The transfer hopper transfers the materials to a vibrating screen, where the materials are sieved and sorted based on their size and specifications. The vibrating screen helps in separating the qualified materials from the unqualified bulk.

Material Handling: The qualified materials that are sorted out by the vibrating screen are either sent out by a hopper or transferred to a belt conveyor below the vibrating screen for stacking or further processing.

Recycling Process: If there are any unqualified bulk materials remaining after the screening process, they are directly sent back to the crusher for further crushing. This recycling process ensures that all materials are efficiently utilized.

By following these steps, the mobile crushing and screening plant effectively processes the materials, from transportation to final product separation. This working principle allows for the high-efficiency production of various materials, including aggregates, recycled materials, and mineral ores.

Manufacturer and Price of Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

Zoneding Machine is a professional direct-selling manufacturer of large-scale crushing equipment. They offer a wide range of mobile screening plants for sale at competitive prices. As a direct manufacturer, Zoneding Machine is often able to provide lower factory prices compared to intermediaries.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the manufacturer and price of a mobile crushing and screening plant, it is best to reach out to Zoneding Machine or other reputable manufacturers directly. They can provide you with detailed information on the available models, specifications, and pricing options that best suit your specific needs.

General Specification

Transportation Length(mm)102801148011480
Transportation Width(mm)283028303150
Transportation Height(mm)435043504350
Maximum Length(mm)111001180011800
Maximum Width(mm)360036003970
Maximum Height(mm)600060006500
Tire Configurationbiax fittedbiax fittedbiax fitted
Vibrating Screen3YZS18483YZS18603YZS2160

Please note that the information provided about the manufacturer and price of a mobile crushing and screening plant is subject to change due to improving technology and the manufacturer’s discretion. The data mentioned may be altered without prior notice. Additionally, the performance of the machine can vary depending on the specific application it is used for.

For the most accurate and detailed information about the manufacturer, specific mobile crushing and screening plant models, and up-to-date pricing, it is recommended to chat online with Zoneding engineers. They will be able to provide you with all the necessary details according to your specific requirements and help you make an informed decision.

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