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The vibrating feeder (vibratory feeder) is suitable for bulk and granular materials such as limestone, calcite, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, quartz stone, river pebble, granite, basalt, construction waste, iron ore, coal, slag, etc.

Vibrating FeederVibrating Feeder
  • Feeding Size (mm): 300-1200
  • Capacity(t/h): 80-1500

What is Vibrating Feeder?

The vibrating feeder can evenly feed materials for the crushing equipment in the sand production line, and screen materials roughly. It can also serve materials for belt conveyors, bucket elevator, screening equipment, crushing equipment and grinding machines.

Vibrating Feeder

Applications of ZDM Vibrating Feeder

Mining vibrating feeder has a very wide range of use, mainly used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry, electric power and other industries. The following is the specific scope of use:

In the mining industry, the mining vibrating feeder is used to convey raw ore from the excavation site to the crusher or screening equipment. Its efficient vibration mechanism can effectively separate and convey ores of various particle sizes and improve production efficiency.
In the metallurgical industry, the equipment is used to feed lumpy, granular and powdery materials uniformly, continuously or quantitatively from storage silos or other storage equipment to the receiving equipment, in order to meet the needs of automatic batching, quantitative packaging and automatic control.
In the coal industry, mining vibrating feeder can be used to evenly transport coal from the silo to the crusher or screening equipment to improve the efficiency of coal processing.
In addition, mining vibrating feeder is also widely used in building materials, chemical industry, electric power and other industries for conveying and processing various materials.

How Vibratory Feeder Work

The working principle of the vibrating feeder is mainly to use the eccentric block in the vibrator to rotate to produce centrifugal force, so that the movable parts of the screen compartment and vibrator make a forced and continuous circular or nearly circular motion. This movement is transmitted to the conveying trough connected to the vibrating motor, so that the material is subjected to vibration force in the trough, thus generating sliding and dislodging, and realizing the uniform and continuous conveying of materials.

Specifically, when the vibrating feeder works, the motor drives the main shaft through the triangle belt, and then drives the follower shaft to rotate through the meshing of gears. The rotation of the main shaft and the driven shaft causes the eccentric block to generate centrifugal force that varies periodically, and this centrifugal force acts on the screen compartments and the vibrator, making them do continuous circular or nearly circular vibration. This vibration is transmitted to the conveying trough, so that the material in the trough is subject to the action of the vibration force and jumping and sliding, along the direction of the conveying trough, and ultimately realize the uniformity of the material, continuous or quantitative conveying.

In addition, the mining vibrating feeder can also be adjusted by adjusting the phase and weight of the eccentric block to change the size and direction of the excitation force, so as to adapt to the changes in different materials and process requirements. This kind of adjustment is flexible and convenient, and can realize precise feeding control.

Vibrating Feeder 2

Advantages of Vibrating Feeder Machine

Simple structure, easy maintenance: the overall structure of the equipment is compact, covers an area of small, easy to install, debugging, maintenance.
Uniform and continuous feeding: by adjusting the excitation force and vibration frequency, it can realize the uniform and continuous conveying of materials and avoid the phenomenon of material blockage and accumulation.
Strong adaptability: for ores or materials with different granularity and hardness, mining vibrating feeder can be adapted and maintain good feeding effect.
Energy saving and environmental protection: the equipment in the operation process of low noise, low energy consumption, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.
High efficiency and durability: mining vibrating feeder is made of wear-resistant materials, long service life, stable and reliable operation, which can reduce the production cost.

General Specification

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