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Ball Mill

Our ball mills are available in different styles and numerous model sizes in each style to adapt to various grinding requirements.
Ball Mill
  • Capacity:0.65-615t/h, Customizable
  • Feeding Size:<25mm; According to Model
  • Discharging Size:0.075-0.4mm; According to Model
  • Applied material:nlimestone, granite, cobble, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, construction waste, glass, cement clinker, etc

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Ball Mill For Sale

The ball mill is a crucial grinding device widely utilized across multiple industrial sectors, including cement, silicate products, novel construction materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous metal ore dressing, as well as glass and ceramics manufacturing. Its fundamental operating principle lies in the utilization of grinding bodies within the mill cylinder (such as steel balls, rods, or other shaped media) that impact, compress, and grind the materials during rotational motion, effectively reducing them to the desired particle size.

Advantages of ball mill

  • High crushing efficiency: The ball mill uses the collision and friction between the grinding ball and the material to crush. It has high crushing efficiency and can obtain finer powder.
  • Wide scope of application: Ball mill is suitable for crushing and grinding various materials, including metals, non-metals, ores, ceramics, etc.
  • Simple operation: The operation of the ball mill is relatively simple. You only need to put the materials into the mill, add an appropriate amount of grinding balls and water or other media, and then start the equipment.
  • Large output: The ball mill can produce continuously and has a large output, which can meet the needs of large-scale industrial production.
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance: The ball mill has a relatively simple structure and is easy to maintain and maintain. At the same time, its sturdy and durable design also ensures its service life.

The structure and working principle of ball mill

The structure of a ball mill mainly consists of a cylindrical chamber, end caps, bearings, a transmission gear ring, a feeding device, a discharging device, and grinding media (such as steel balls or ceramic balls) inside.

Its working principle is that the material enters the chamber through the feeding device, and the chamber rotates driven by the transmission device. The grinding media inside the chamber subject the material to intense impact and friction due to centrifugal force and friction, crushing and grinding the material. After a certain period of time, the material grinded to the desired particle size is discharged through the discharging device.

What are the types of ball mills

  • Based on different grinding methods, ball mills can be classified into dry and wet types. Dry ball mills are mainly suitable for grinding dry materials, while wet ball mills are suitable for grinding materials that require water or other liquids.
  • According to the shape of the cylinder, ball mills can be divided into short cylinder type, long cylinder type, and tube mill, etc. Short cylinder ball mills are mainly used for rough grinding, while long cylinder ball mills are suitable for fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding.
  • Based on different grinding media, ball mills can be classified into steel ball mill, gravel mill, and rod mill, etc. Steel ball mills use steel balls as grinding media, gravel mills use gravel or pebbles as grinding media, and rod mills use steel rods as grinding media.
Steel ball mill
Ceramic ball mill

Hot selling ball mill models

1830×7000 Ball Mill
3200×4500 Ball Mill
2400×4500 Ball Mill

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Parameters of ball mills

ModelRotate speed (r/min)Grinding media Weight (T)Feed size (mm)Discharge size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Motor power (KW)Weight (T)

Ball mill customer work site

Why choose ZONEDING ball mill?

ZONEDING is a company that manufactures a variety of industrial equipment, including ball mills. There are several reasons why someone might buy ball mill from ZONEDING:

Quality and durability: ZONEDING ball mills are made of high-quality materials and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. This means that they are less likely to break down or wear out, which can save money on repairs and replacement parts.

Customizable: ZONEDING ball mills can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer. This means that the ball mill can be designed to handle specific types of materials, and the size and shape of the ball mill can be adjusted to fit the available space.

Efficient and reliable: ZONEDING ball mills are designed to be efficient and reliable, which means that they can process materials quickly and consistently. This can help to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Competitive ball mill price: ZONEDING ball mills are competitively priced, which means that they offer good value for money. This can be especially important for smaller companies or businesses that are working with a limited budget.

Professional support: ZONEDING, as one of the most reliable ball mill manufacturers and suppliers, offers professional support to customers, including installation, maintenance, and repair services. This means that customers can get help when they need it, which can help to keep the ball mill running smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, the ZONEDING ball mill for sale offers a combination of quality, durability, efficiency, and value that can make them a good choice for a variety of industrial applications.

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