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Ceramic Ball Mill
Ceramic Ball Mill
Ceramic Ball Mill
Ceramic Ball Mill
Ceramic Ball Mill
Ceramic Ball Mill

Ceramic Ball Mill

Our Ceramic ball mill are available in different styles and numerous model sizes in each style to adapt to various grinding requirements.

  • Capacity:0.65-615t/h, Customizable
  • Feeding Size:<25mm; According to Model
  • Discharging Size:0.075-0.4mm; According to Model
  • Applied material:nlimestone, granite, cobble, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, construction waste, glass, cement clinker, etc

Ceramic ball mill For Sale

Ceramic ball mill, as a grinding tool for modern refinement industry, stands out in many industries with its unique material and efficient grinding performance. The machine adopts high-quality ceramic material to make grinding media, which ensures stable grinding effect in high-speed operation and avoids metal contamination at the same time, which is the first choice of equipment for pursuing high purity grinding effect.

Advantages of Ceramic ball mill

  • High purity grinding: using ceramic balls as grinding media effectively avoids the pollution of metal ions on the materials, ensuring the high purity of the materials after grinding.
  • High-efficiency grinding: optimized structural design makes the ceramic balls form a reasonable movement trajectory inside the mill, which improves the grinding efficiency and shortens the processing time.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: adopting advanced energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption, and low noise design to create a comfortable working environment.
  • Easy maintenance: simple structure design makes the daily maintenance and upkeep of the equipment simple and easy.
  • Widely used: suitable for ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and many other industries to meet the grinding needs of different materials.

Functional Advantages of Ceramic ball mill

  • Fine grinding: able to grind materials to micron level to meet the demand for high precision products.
  • Continuous operation: the equipment runs stably and can work continuously for a long time to improve production efficiency.
  • Easy to operate: Humanized operating system design makes it easy for operators to get started and reduces training costs.

Application Scenarios of Ceramic ball mill

Whether it is glaze preparation in the ceramic industry, powder mixing in the chemical industry, or drug grinding in the pharmaceutical industry, the ceramic ball mill can meet your grinding needs with its excellent performance. It is widely used in various scenarios that require high purity and high precision grinding, and is a powerful assistant to improve product quality and productivity.

Ceramic ball mill shipment

If you are interested in this, please contact us as soon as possible! We will provide you with more than 2 solutions for you to choose from.

Ceramic ball mill customer work site

Parameters of Ceramic ball mill

ModelFeeding capacity
Shell rotation speed
Reference motor
Liner material
600×7000.05502.2Chinaware,silicon,rubber or metal(the related motor power varied as per the different liner materials and grinding materials)
Data and machine performance may change with technology and application. For details, chat with Zoneding engineers. Changes are at our discretion, without notice.

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