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Shaking Table
Shaking Table
Shaking Table
Shaking Table
Shaking Table

Shaking Table

Our Shaking Table are available in different styles and numerous model sizes in each style to adapt to various mineral separation requirements.

  • Capacity:0-2 T/H, Customizable
  • Feeding Density:<25mm; According to Model
  • Discharging Size:0-2 mm; According to Model
  • Applied material:Gold shaker table is a gravity separator that separates gold, tin, tungsten, lead, manganese, tantalum, chrome, and other precious and nonferrous metals.

Shaking Table For Sale

Shaking table is a kind of gravity beneficiation equipment, which is mainly used for separating gold, silver, lead-zinc, tantalum-zinc, tin and other rare metal and precious metal ores. The role of shaking table is similar to centrifugal gold concentrator, belongs to alluvial gold washing ore dressing equipment, rarely used in alluvial gold ore roughing, mostly used in alluvial gold ore rough concentrate ore dressing and purification. It can extract high purity gold.

Advantages of Shaking Table

  • High-efficiency separation: unique shaking track and bed design ensure fast and accurate separation of minerals with different densities.
  • Stable and durable: made of high-quality materials with sturdy structure, it can work continuously for a long time to ensure uninterrupted production.
  • Intelligent operation: Equipped with advanced automatic control system, the operation is simple and intuitive, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: optimized power system and energy-saving design reduces energy consumption and helps the development of green mining industry.
  • Widely applicable: suitable for gold, silver, copper and other minerals processing, to meet the separation needs of different minerals.
Shaking Table
Shaking Table

Application of Shaking Table

Shaking table is one of the main equipment of gravity separation, widely used in separating tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, chromium, titanium, bismuth, lead, gold and other rare metals and precious metal ores, and can also be used in coal mines. 6-S shaking table can be used in different operations such as roughing, selecting, sweeping, etc., and separating different particle sizes, such as coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074mm), slime (-0.074) and so on. It can also be used for separating iron, steel, and other minerals. It can also be used for separating iron and manganese ores and coal. When dealing with tungsten, tin and other ores, the effective recovery particle size of shaking table ranges from 2-0.022mm.

Application of Shaking Table

Principle and structure of shaking table

I. Working Principle

The shaking table of Zhongding machine mainly relies on its unique shaking trajectory and bed design to realize the separation of minerals. When the motor starts, the power is transmitted to the crankshaft of the shaking table through the transmission device such as belt or gear. The crankshaft then rotates, driving the connecting rod and rocker for up and down or back and forth reciprocating motion. This movement makes the bed surface produce certain vibration and tilt, so that the mineral particles in the bed surface for layering and movement.

As mineral particles of different densities have different settling speeds under the combined effect of vibration and water flow, they will be gradually stratified and moved to different positions on the bed in the order of density from low to high. Eventually, by adjusting the tilt angle of the bed and vibration parameters, the mineral particles of different densities can be discharged from the concentrate and tailings ports of the bed, thus realizing the effective separation of minerals.

6s-Shaking Table
Shaking Table-6s

II. Structural composition

  • Bed head: contains the electric motor, transmission device, to provide power for the shaking table.
  • Bed surface: the working area for ore sorting, made of wear-resistant material with bed strips.
  • Slope adjuster: used to adjust the inclination angle of the bed to optimize the sorting effect.
  • Water Tank: Provides the water flow required for sorting to help loosen and stratify the ore.
  • Tanks: hold the ore to be sorted.
  • Rifling bars: guide the movement of the ore on the bed.
  • Lubrication System: Ensures smooth operation of shaking table components and reduces wear and tear.
Shaking Table structure

Parameters of shaking table

NameGrit concentrator tableFine sand  concentrator tableSludge concentrator table
Bed surface DimensionsLength(mm)445044504450
Driving part Width(mm)185518551855
Concentrate part Width(mm)154615461546
Max.feeding size(mm)20.50.15
Feeding amount(t/d)30-6010-2015-25
Feeding thickness(%)25-3020-2515-25
Bed surface Water quantity(t/d)80-15030-6010-17
Bed surface Horizontal obliquity(°)2.5-4.51.5-3.51-2
Bed surface Portrait obliquity(%)1.40.92—-
Table board corner(°)32-424042
Concentrating area(㎡)
Bed surface Length ratio2.62.62.6
Shape of side-bed surfaceRectangleZigzagTriangle
Motor power(kw)
Transmission deviceEccentricity Linkage

shaking table customer work site

shaking table customer work site

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