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Roll CrusherRoll Crusher

Roll Crusher

Applied Material: River gravel, iron ore, limestone, basalt, quartz, granite and other medium or hard ores and rocks in metallurgy industry, cement industry, power department, construction, phosphate, refractory industry, etc.
  • Feed Size:≤25-≤100mm
  • Capacity:5-110TPH

What is Roll Crusher Machine?

A roll crusher machine, born in 1806, is a type of crushing equipment that has been widely used and developed over time. It features a simple structure and easy maintenance, making it suitable for crushing various medium-hard materials such as limestone, iron ore, pebble, quartz, silica, etc. It finds applications in industries like cement, chemical, and electric power.

One of the key features of a roll crusher machine is its ability to achieve the desired particle size by adjusting the gap between the rollers. This allows for precise control over the final product size during the crushing process. Its versatility and effectiveness have made it a popular choice for many industrial applications.

Roller Crusher Classification

Roll crusher machines can be classified into different types based on various factors. One way to classify them is based on the number of rollers. The three main classifications are:

Single Roll Crusher: This type of roll crusher machine has a single roller that rotates at a high speed. It is used for crushing relatively soft materials.

Double Roll Crusher (Toothed Roll Crusher): This type of roll crusher machine has two rollers that rotate in opposite directions. It is commonly used for crushing materials with medium to high hardness.

Four-Roller Crusher: This type of roll crusher machine has four rollers that rotate in opposite directions. It is mainly used for crushing materials with high hardness and abrasiveness.

Another way to classify roll crusher machines is based on the roller speed. The three main classifications based on roller speed are:

High-Speed Roll Crusher: The rollers in this type of roll crusher rotate at a high speed, resulting in a higher crushing capacity.

Low-Speed Roll Crusher: The rollers in this type of roll crusher rotate at a relatively low speed. It is often used for crushing materials with lower hardness and less abrasive properties.

Differential-Speed Roll Crusher: In this type of roll crusher machine, the rollers rotate at different speeds, resulting in a differential crushing action. This can be beneficial for certain materials and applications.

These classifications provide options for selecting the most suitable roll crusher machine based on the specific requirements of the material being crushed and the desired final product size.

The roller crusher, also known as roll crusher machine, has a wide range of applications across various industries. Some of its key applications include:

Artificial Sand Making: Roller crusher is used for the fine crushing and shaping of artificial sand, particularly for pebble and construction waste materials.

Ore Dressing: Roller crusher is used for the fine crushing of iron ore and quartz/silica in the ore dressing industry. It helps to achieve the desired particle size for further processing.

Ceramic Industry: Roller crusher is used for raw material crushing in the ceramic industry. It helps to break down large chunks of raw materials into smaller particles for easier processing.

Cement Industry: Roller crusher is used for coarse and medium crushing in the cement industry. It helps to reduce the size of limestone and other materials before they are fed into the cement mill for grinding.

Chemical Industry: Roller crusher is used in the chemical industry for crushing various materials. It helps to prepare raw materials for further processing or as a preliminary step in chemical reactions.

Electric Power Industry: Roller crusher is used in the electric power industry for crushing coal and other materials. It helps to prepare the coal for combustion and reduces the size of materials for improved efficiency.

Metallurgy Industry: Roller crusher is used in the metallurgy industry for crushing various ores and materials. It helps to break down the raw materials into smaller particles for further processing.

Building Materials Industry: Roller crusher is used in the building materials industry for crushing various materials such as limestone, gypsum, and clay. It helps to reduce the size of materials for easier handling and processing.

Refractory Materials Industry: Roller crusher is used in the refractory materials industry for crushing and shaping various refractory materials. It helps to prepare the materials for further processing and forming.

Coal Industry: Roller crusher is widely used in the coal industry for crushing and sizing coal. It can directly crush raw coal without the need for pre-screening or removing impurities, resulting in a uniform particle size and simplifying the separation process.

Overall, the roller crusher is a versatile machine that finds applications in various industries for crushing and processing different materials.

Roll Crusher Application.jpg

Roll crusher machines have several structural advantages that contribute to their efficient operation. These include:

Large Crushing Ratio: Roll crusher machines are designed to achieve a large crushing ratio. They can be equipped with a crushing stick-shaped device under the rollers to adjust the crushing ratio as needed. This feature allows for flexibility in producing different particle sizes.

Simple Structure: Roll crusher machines have a simple and modularized frame structure. This makes them easy to install and allows for grouped installations when multiple machines are required. The simplicity of the structure also contributes to easier maintenance and repair.

Low Over-Crushing Rate: Unlike other crushers that rely on impact to crush materials, roll crusher machines adopt a combined crushing mode. This means that the materials are not subjected to a second crushing within the body of the machine. As a result, the over-crushing rate is kept low, which is beneficial for achieving the desired final product size efficiently.

Adjustable Discharge Size: Roll crusher machines offer adjustable discharge sizes. The gap between the rollers can be adjusted to control the particle size of the crushed material. This allows for better control over the final product size, which is important in various applications.

Reliable Performance: Roll crusher machines are designed with robust components and materials, ensuring their reliability and durability. They are capable of handling heavy-duty applications and continuous operation without significant wear or damage.

Overall, the structural advantages of roll crusher machines, such as their large crushing ratio, simple structure, low over-crushing rate, and adjustable discharge size, make them well-suited for various crushing applications in different industries.

Roll Crusher Advantages.jpg

Working Principle of Roller Crusher Machine

Two Rollers: The roll crusher machine consists of two rollers, namely a fixed roller and a movable roller.

Spring Force: The movable roller is pushed by a spring located between the body and the wheel. This spring provides the necessary force to rotate the movable roller back and forth.

Material Feed: The materials to be crushed are fed by a vibrating feeder. These materials fall between the two rollers.

Crushing Process: As the movable roller moves back and forth, the materials between the rollers get squeezed and crushed. The crushing action is achieved by the compressive force exerted by the rollers on the materials.

Qualified Particle Discharge: Once the materials are crushed to the desired size, the particles pass through the teeth on the rollers and are exhausted out of the machine.

Overall, the working principle of a roller crusher machine involves the movement of two rollers, crushing the materials between them. The spring force and rotating motion of the rollers facilitate the crushing process, resulting in the discharge of qualified particles.

Roll Crusher

Sturcture of Roll Crusher

Zoneding Machine is a reputable roller crusher manufacturer based in China. They offer a range of high-performance roll crushers for sale, including the double roll crusher, toothed roll crusher, and single roll crusher. Zoneding Machine is committed to providing customers with the highest-quality roll crushers at competitive prices. They also offer free and professional consultation to assist customers in selecting the right crusher for their specific needs.

Roll Crusher

Roll Crusher

General Specification

Roller diameter(mm)Ф400Ф600Ф700Ф800Ф1000Ф1200Ф1500
Roller width(mm)250400400500600600600
Input Size(mm)≤25≤25≤25≤25≤30≤30≤30
Discharging Gate(mm)2-82-82-82-82-102-102-10
Processing capacity(t/h)5-1010-2015-3020-4030-5040-7060-110
Power ModelsY132M-6Y180L-6Y200L-4Y225M-4Y250M-4Y315M-6Y315L-6
Motor power(kw)5.5×215×230×245×255×275×2110×2

Please note that the information provided about Zoneding Machine as a roller crusher manufacturer may be subject to change due to advancements in technology. Zoneding Machine reserves the right to make changes without prior notice. Additionally, the performance of the machines may vary depending on the specific application. For more detailed and up-to-date information, it is recommended to chat online with Zoneding engineers who can provide the most accurate and relevant information based on your specific requirements.

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