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Precious Minerals - Zoneding Machine

  • Dense Medium Separation


    The dense medium cyclone (DMC) is the most ubiquitous of the DMS vessels in use, and deservedly so. It is efficient (when run properly), can process both coarse and fine sizes, and has a relatively small footprint. Unlike o...

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  • Sulfide Ore Processing


    This setup is sulfide rock minerals processing plant, suitable for processing Sulfide rock Gold, Copper, Silver, Zinc, Lead, Fluorite ore, etc. Has a high recovery ratio for sulfide-type minerals. Usually can reach about 85-90% depending on ma...

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  • Silver Ore Processing


    Silver is often associated with lead-zinc ore, copper ore, gold ore, and limonite, and is mainly produced by flotation. The silver intercalation in its silver-bearing minerals is fine and complex in size, and combined beneficiation methods such ...

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  • Diamond Wash Plant


    Diamond wash plants, also known as diamond processing plants or diamond recovery plants, are specialized facilities designed for extracting and processing diamonds from alluvial ore or diamond-bearing gravel. It’s common used in...

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  • Gold Flotation


    Flotation is a common method for gold concentrators to process rock gold ore, and it is often used to process sulfide mineral gold-bearing ores with high floatability. The flotation gold process can directly discard the tailings, and at the same...

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  • Gold CIP Processing


    Gold CIP (Carbon-in-Pulp) is a widely used method for extracting gold from ore. It involves using activated carbon to adsorb gold from a cyanide solution, followed by elution and regeneration of the carbon for reuse. Gold CIP (Carbon-in-Pulp) ...

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  • Gold CIL Processing Plant


    CIL (Carbon In Leach) is the carbon leaching method for gold extraction. Normally the CIL process can concentrate gold from 2.5–3.5 g/t in ore to 2000 to 6000 g/t on carbon. CIL gold process is suitable for beneficiating oxidize...

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  • Gold Processing Plant


    Gold ore beneficiation process includes gravity separation and flotation process, CIP, CIL process, and heap leaching, etc. Our process is suitable for separating all gold-containing minerals such as placer gold, rock gold, sulfid...

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  • Hard Rock Gold Mining


    The hard rock gold (vein gold ) mining plant flow can be roughly divided into crushing, screening, grinding and separation. Zoneding Machine Mining Machinery is committed to providing customizable hard rock gold p...

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  • Placer Gold Mining


    Placer gold, also known as alluvial gold, is a kind of gold that is produced at the bottom of rivers or low-lying areas, mixed with stone sand and can be washed out. Application: The placer gold mining process is mainly used in seaside placer,...

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