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Gold Flotation

Flotation is a common method for gold concentrators to process rock gold ore, and it is often used to process sulfide mineral gold-bearing ores with high floatability. The flotation gold process can directly discard the tailings, and at the same time consider the convenience of operation, low operating cost and maximum recovery of useful minerals.

Our flotation process is use to process fine gold, sulfide gold-containing quartz ore, multi metal gold-containing sulfide ore and carbon-containing ore.

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Gold Flotation Process

The flotation gold recovery process is widely used in fine gold, sulfide gold-containing quartz ore, multi metal gold-containing sulfide ore and carbon-containing ore beneficiation process plant.

Our gold flotation recovery solutions:

  • The gold flotation process also used to process gold-copper-lead-zinc-sulfur ore, it can effectively identify and extract various gold-bearing sulfide concentrates, which is conducive to the comprehensive recovery of mineral resources.
  • The flotation gold recovery plant maximizes the enrichment of gold into sulfide minerals. The tailings can be directly discharged, with high-strength gold flotation machine, low costs, and long use life. It can easily applicate to small and medium scale flotation plants.
  • Since Zoneding Machine was founded 30+ ago, we have accumulated a lot of rich experience in flotation gold extraction process, support process flow design and finally deploy those gold flotation production lines, and custom flotation machines for you.

Gold Flotation Process Flow

The complete sulfide gold flotation processing plant, main equipment and flow details as follows:

  • Feeding hopper
  • Chute feeder
  • Jaw crusher
  • Vibrating screen
  • Belt conveyor
  • Vibration feeder
  • Ball mill
  • Spiral classifier
  • Mixing tank
  • Flotation machine
  • Slurry pump
  • Thickener
  • Disc vacuum filter machine

1. Crushing System

The chute feeder feeds raw material to the primary jaw crusher stably and evenly and can feed 0-300mm stones. If bigger in size and capacity, you can use a grizzly vibration feeder. The primary jaw crusher crushes the big rock to a smaller size, about 0-80mm. The output sends a fine jaw crusher to crush again to below 25mm particles. But there still are some +25mm particles, so better send them to the vibration screen to sieve out 0-25mm and go to the ball mill grinding system. +25mm go back to fine crushing again. The feeding size of the ball mill can be smaller; the smaller, the better, grinding efficiency will be much higher. So sometimes, the crushing system will have three stages of crushers to make a smaller feeding size for the ball mill (0-5mm or 0-8mm, or 0-10mm).

2. Grinding System

The 0-25mm material will first go to a storage bin before feeding to the ball mill, so the crushing system can work separately from the grinding system as long as it has stock enough 0-25mm in a storage bin. Then feed the 0-25mm material by swing feeder or electromagnetic vibration feeder to ball mill through belt conveyor. The ball mill is for grinding material to small fine powder because the flotation process needs 200 mesh materials and needs work together with a spiral classifier to reach 200 mesh output from the overflow of the classifier. The underflow coarse particles will return to the ball mill grind to be closed-circuit. So from this grinding system will get 200mesh slurry.

3. Flotation System

The 200 mesh slurry will be first sent to the mixing tank by the slurry pump to ensure the material is mixed completely. The materials from the mixing tank to the flotation machines, then add different chemicals in the flotation machine to separate different minerals. The flotation process has primary, secondary, and final selection, which increases mineral grade to maximum after the process. We will get each mineral concentrate ore after the flotation system.

4. Concentrate ore filtering system

After getting the minerals to concentrate ore from the flotation system, the high-grade minerals like copper, zinc, lead, and fluorite, use the thickener to concentrate, making higher density. Then send to disc vacuum filter to filter water, and get more dry concentrate minerals. It can dry in the sun or use a dryer to get completely dry minerals to concentrate ore.

At the same time, we provide various ore flotation process solutions, it also suitable for sulfide silver, zinc, lead, fluorite ore, and copper flotation processing plants. The beneficiation plant efficiency and the recovery rate are high, especially effective for fine-grained ores, high-quality concentrates can be obtained, and mineral resources can be fully utilized.

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