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Spiral ChuteSpiral Chute

Spiral Chute

Applied Materials: iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, etc.
  • Feed Size:0.03-1mm
  • Capacity:2-40TPH

Information of Spiral Chute

The spiral chute is a domestic equipment developed in 1977 that combines the advantages of spiral concentrators, shaking tables, and centrifugal concentrators. It is designed for the separation of fine materials measuring between 0.3 and 0.02 mm. The equipment is known for its stability, controllability, and its ability to handle a wide range of concentrations. Notable advantages of the spiral chute include high enrichment ratio, high recovery rate, compact size, low water consumption, simple structure, no power requirements, large handling capacity, easy installation and operation, low investment, and quick results.

Structure Features of Spiral Chute

  • The structure of the glass-reinforced plastic spiral chute consists of spiral blades made of glass-reinforced plastic. The number of layers in the screw set can be adjusted based on the processing capacity required, ranging from single head to four head structures.
  • The cross section of the spiral chute follows a cubic parabolic shape, which enhances its performance and makes it particularly suitable for the separation of fine-grained materials.
  • The spiral chute features a simple and user-friendly design, with built-in corrosion resistance that prevents erosion by minerals during operation. It also offers strong adaptability, allowing for adjustments in mineral quantity and concentration fluctuations.
  • The FRP spiral chute is highly practical, enabling efficient and large-scale ore separation. It operates silently and does not require any power to function properly. Furthermore, the FRP spiral chute can be employed not only in the mineral processing and mining industries but also in sand mining operations along riversides and seashores.

Working Principle of Spiral Chute

The working principle of a spiral chute involves several steps. Firstly, the chute is raised and properly positioned using an iron frame or wood. Next, sand pump is directed towards the top of the chute, introducing an appropriate amount of water and adjusting the concentration of the ore slurry.

The slurry flows downward in a spiral, creating a centrifugal force due to its rotational velocity. The combination of gravity and centrifugal force separates the ore from the sand based on their different specific gravities, particle sizes, and shapes.

The concentrated ore is collected in a concentrate bucket through a pipe. On the other hand, the tailings flow into a separate bucket connected to a sand pool. The tailings can be subsequently drained away using a sand pump. This completes the entire dressing process of the spiral chute.

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The Working Principle of spiral chute

The key points to consider when using a spiral chute are:

  • Direction of Spiral Chute: The orientation of the spiral chute should align with the movement direction of the pulp. This ensures proper flow and efficient separation of the ore and sand.
  • Collection of Concentrate, Middling, and Tailings: The spiral chute should be designed to effectively intercept and collect the concentrate, middling (if applicable), and tailings. Proper mechanisms should be in place to divert each component to the respective collection points.
  • Uniform Feeding: It is important to maintain a uniform feed rate into the spiral chute. The ideal concentration of the ore slurry should be between 30% and 35%. This concentration range ensures optimal separation efficiency.
  • Cleaning the Helical Blade: When the feeding of the ore slurry stops, it is essential to clean the residual materials from the helical blade. This prevents any blockages or build-up that may affect the performance of the spiral chute.
  • By considering these key points, the operation of the spiral chute can be optimized, leading to efficient separation and better overall performance.

Cuatomer Case

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Manufacturer of Spiral Chute 

Zoneding Machine is a reputable manufacturer of spiral chutes. They offer a wide range of spiral chute options, including gravity spiral chutes and mineral spiral chutes designed for specific applications such as gold, tin, and tungsten processing. Zoneding’s spiral chutes are known for their reliable operation, high efficiency, and competitive prices. With their diverse selection, customers can choose the most suitable spiral chute based on their specific requirements. Zoneding Machine is committed to providing quality products that bring maximum benefits to their customers.

General Specification

ModelProcessing capacity(t/h)

Please note that the information provided about Zoneding Machine as a manufacturer of spiral chutes may be subject to change due to advancements in technology. Zoneding Machine reserves the right to update their product offerings without prior notice. Additionally, the performance of their machines may vary depending on the specific application and conditions. For more detailed and up-to-date information, it is recommended to consult with Zoneding engineers through their online chat service. They will be able to provide the most relevant and accurate information based on your specific needs and requirements.

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