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Nonferrous Metals - Zoneding Machine

  • Cobalt Ore Processing


    Cobalt Ore Processing Cobalt ore is typically found in association with various minerals, such as copper-cobalt ore, nickel-cobalt ore, iron-bearing cobalt ore, and manganese-cobalt ore. These ores may contain impurities and harmful substances li...

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  • Antimony Ore Processing


    Antimony Ore Processing Antimony ore can be classified into antimony oxide and antimony sulfide. The main methods for its beneficiation are hand selection, gravity separation, and flotation. Antimony ore beneficiation can be achieved through a ...

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  • Molybdenum Flotation


    Molybdenum Flotation Molybdenum is a refractory metal commonly recovered and beneficiated through the flotation process. This process aims to extract valuable molybdenum minerals, such as molybdenite, pyrite, and chalcopyrite. Among these mineral...

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  • Tantalum Niobium Ore Processing


    Tantalum Niobium Ore Processing Tantalum niobium ore is a broad term that encompasses minerals containing tantalum and niobium, primarily extracted from tantalite (coltan), niobium iron ore (columbite), and pyrochlore. We specialize in tailoring...

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  • Tin Ore Processing


    Tin Ore Processing Tin ore (Cassiterite) processing primarily relies on gravity separation due to the higher density of the ore compared to its associated minerals. However, in some cases where iron oxide minerals like magnetite and hematite are ...

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  • Nickel Ore Beneficiation


    Nickel Ore Beneficiation Nickel ores consist primarily of copper-nickel sulfide ore and nickel oxide ore, specifically laterite nickel ore. The primary method for beneficiation of nickel ore is the flotation process, with magnetic separation and ...

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  • Lithium Processing Plant


    Lithium Processing PlantLithium Processing Plant1. Lepidolite Flotation Plant According to the properties of lithium ore, the more suitable methods for processing are gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, or a combination of these m...

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  • Tungsten Beneficiation


    Tungsten Beneficiation Tungsten ore is classified into two categories: wolframite and scheelite. Gravity separation is the primary method for wolframite beneficiation, with magnetic separation being utilized as a secondary process. On the other h...

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  • Lead Zinc Processing


    Lead Zinc ProcessingLead Zinc Mining ProcessLead Zinc Processing Plant Lead-zinc ore divides into sulfide lead zinc ore and oxide ore, lead-zinc mining process common are heavy-floating, magnetic-floating, heavy-magnetic-floating and so on. Lea...

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  • Copper Processing


    Copper ProcessingCopper Beneficiation ProcessCopper Processing Plant1. Copper Flotation Process2. Copper Ore Processing copper ore can be divided into three categories: copper oxide ore(azurite, cuprite and malachite), copper sulfide ore (chalcop...

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