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Tungsten BeneficiationTungsten Beneficiation

Tungsten Beneficiation

Tungsten ore is classified into two categories: wolframite and scheelite. Gravity separation is the primary method for wolframite beneficiation, with magnetic separation being utilized as a secondary process. On the other hand, scheelite beneficiation involves a combination of gravity separation, magnetic separation, and flotation techniques.

The specific beneficiation process for tungsten ore depends on its unique properties. We offer personalized tungsten ore processing plants and equipment to optimize the concentrate recovery rate.

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Tungsten Beneficiation Process:

  1. Wolframite Beneficiation Process

Wolframite is the primary ore for extracting tungsten, and it usually contains tungsten, manganese, and iron with tungsten content exceeding 50%. Wolframite has high density and weak magnetic properties. Therefore, gravity separation is the primary method for wolframite beneficiation, complemented by magnetic separation.

  1. Scheelite Beneficiation Process

For coarse-particle scheelite, the general gravity separation method is effective in obtaining alloy scheelite. However, for fine-particle scheelite, the flotation method is more suitable. Scheelite beneficiation typically involves a combination of gravity separation, flotation, and magnetic separation. Our scheelite flotation process is divided into two parts: the rough separation stage greatly enhances the scheelite recovery rate. Multiple beneficiation steps are necessary to obtain qualified tungsten concentrates and achieve the desired results.

Tungsten Processing Plant:

  1. Wolframite Magnetic Separation

The wolframite beneficiation plant, with a capacity of 4-5TPH, consists of the following stages and equipment:

  • Jaw crusher
  • Hammer crusher
  • Shaking tables
  • Three-disc magnetic separator

(1) Crushing & Grinding:
The mining ore is initially crushed by the jaw crusher, and then finely crushed by the hammer crusher. The ball mill is used to achieve a reasonable fineness of the crushed material. This ensures that over-grinding is avoided and that the particle size of the grinding products is relatively uniform.

(2) Gravity Separation:
Jig separators and shaking tables are commonly employed for gravity separation. The shaking tables offer a high enrichment ratio, enabling the production of high-grade concentrate and waste tailings in a single separation operation. The recovery rate is approximately 80%.

(3) Concentration:
Gravity separation, flotation, and magnetic separation are typically utilized for concentration purposes. Wolframite magnetic separation not only allows for the recycling of magnet concentrates but also enhances the quality of the wolframite concentrate.

2.Scheelite Flotation Process:

Our scheelite flotation plant follows a comprehensive flow that includes crushing, screening, grinding, flotation, concentration, and dewatering. The main details of the process are as follows:

(1) Crushing & Screening:
The scheelite ore undergoes a three-stage crushing process, followed by screening. The screened material is then prepared for the subsequent grinding stage based on the required particle size.

(2) Grinding:
The crushed ore is finely ground using grinding equipment to enhance the exposure and floatability of the mineral particles, meeting the desired particle size requirements for flotation treatment.

(3) Flotation:
Reagents are added to the flotation machine, allowing the tungsten ore particles to attach to air bubbles and float, thereby facilitating the separation of tungsten. If necessary, cyclones are used to separate impurities and mud from the concentrate.

(4) Concentration:
Thickeners are employed to concentrate the deslimed flotation concentrate, thereby reducing impurity content and improving the tungsten grade.

(5) Dewatering:
The concentrated ore is dehydrated through a vacuum filter press, resulting in a relatively dry concentrate.

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