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Tracked Impact CrusherTracked Impact Crusher

Tracked Impact Crusher

Applied Materials: Iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, river gravel, limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.
  • Feed Size:300-700mm
  • Capacity: 50-250TPH

Introduction of Tracked Impact Crusher

The tracked impact crusher, also known as a tracked mobile impact crusher, is a upgraded version of the traditional impact crusher used for crushing and screening a wide range of medium and fine materials. It offers numerous advantages such as high crushing efficiency, complete functionality, and the ability to meet various material crushing and screening requirements.

Referred to as the “artifact” of secondary crushing, the tracked impact crusher can operate independently and be flexibly configured for joint operations. It is designed for on-site crushing, eliminating the need for materials to be transported from the site to the crushing field. This integration helps to greatly reduce transportation costs.

The tracked impact crusher can also be referred to as a tracked mounted impact crusher or a tracked mobile impact crusher. These terms are used interchangeably to describe the same type of equipment.

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The tracked impact crusher is equipped with several notable features:

Flexible equipment and high crushing ratio: The tracked impact crusher offers flexibility in terms of equipment configuration and has a high crushing ratio, ensuring efficient and effective crushing operations.

Direct and effective crushing process: The tracked impact crusher enables a direct and effective crushing process, without the need for intermediate crushing stages, resulting in improved efficiency.

Strong adaptability and flexible configuration: This equipment has strong adaptability and can be flexibly configured to meet various crushing and screening requirements.

Ship-shape steel structure and low vehicle chassis: The tracked impact crusher has a ship-shaped steel structure with a low vehicle chassis, making it lightweight and suitable for small crushing sites. It also has a small turning radius, enhancing maneuverability.

Heavy load hydraulic leg for stability: The tracked impact crusher features heavy load hydraulic legs, providing stability, safety, and firm support during operation.

Advanced control systems: The equipment is equipped with an advanced touch control panel and a PCL control system, which enables efficient control of the crusher’s functions and provides failure and safety prompts for enhanced operation.

Automatic feeding and body direction control: The feeder of the tracked impact crusher has an automatic feeding function, ensuring a continuous supply of materials. Additionally, the direction of the car body can be automatically controlled for convenience and efficiency.

In summary, these features make the tracked impact crusher a versatile and efficient equipment for various crushing applications.

The tracked impact crusher consists of the following structural components:

High-performance and efficient impact crusher: This is the main component of the tracked impact crusher. It is responsible for the crushing of materials and plays a crucial role in the overall performance and efficiency of the equipment.

Integrated vehicle mounting: The tracked impact crusher is designed with an integrated vehicle mounting system, which includes the feeder, belt conveyor, and vibrating screen. This integration allows for easy transportation and efficient onsite work.

Steering shaft of traction: The tracked impact crusher is equipped with a steering shaft of traction, which enables convenient transportation and smooth maneuverability of the equipment. This allows it to be easily moved and positioned at different work sites.

Vehicle-mounted motor and control cabinet: The tracked impact crusher is equipped with a motor and control cabinet that are mounted on the vehicle. This arrangement ensures easy access to the motor and control systems, simplifying maintenance and operation procedures.

These structural components work together to provide a compact and mobile crushing solution that can be easily transported to different sites and efficiently process various materials.

Tracked Mobile Screening Plant

The tracked impact crusher has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various types of materials, including:

Limestone: The tracked impact crusher can efficiently crush limestone, making it suitable for applications in construction, road building, and concrete production.

River stone: With its high crushing ratio and efficient performance, the tracked impact crusher is capable of crushing river stones into smaller sizes for use in construction projects, landscaping, and aggregate production.

Granite: The tracked impact crusher can effectively crush granite, offering an ideal solution for the production of high-quality aggregates used in road construction, building materials, and landscaping.

Basalt: The tracked impact crusher can process basalt, a commonly used material in construction and infrastructure projects. It can produce crushed basalt for use in road construction, concrete production, and railway ballast.

Diabase: The tracked impact crusher is suitable for crushing diabase, a hard and durable rock often used in building materials, road construction, and landscaping.

Ore tailings: The tracked impact crusher can effectively process and recycle ore tailings, converting them into valuable materials for reuse in construction, cement production, and other industries.

Construction waste: The tracked impact crusher is capable of crushing and recycling construction waste, helping to reduce landfill usage and contribute to environmental sustainability.

The tracked impact crusher is commonly used in gravel yards, construction waste treatment plants, and concrete mixing plants. It can effectively crush and process more than 200 types of materials, making it a versatile and efficient equipment for various crushing applications.

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Applications of Tracked Impact Crusher

Tracked Impact Crusher-Zoneding Machine

Zoneding Machine offers a tracked impact crusher that is characterized by its high efficiency, self-driven mode, advanced technology, complete functions, and various models to choose from. This equipment has a large crushing ratio and optimized design to meet the specific requirements of crushing applications, resulting in high productivity and uniform product granularity.

Zoneding’s tracked impact crusher is economically priced and available for direct purchase from the factory, which eliminates middlemen marketing costs. Customers are welcome to visit the factory for more information and to see the equipment in person.

General Specification

Dimensions of Transmission DevicesLength14000mm16000mm15500mm19000mm17000mm
FeederHopper Volume3m³3m³5m³5m³5m³
Loading Height3900mm4000mm3900mm4100mm4000mm
Primary ScreenPower5.2kw5.2kw6.12kw6.12kw6.12kw
Sieve Dimensions1040×924mm1040×924mm1140×924mm1140×924mm1240×930mm
Inlet Dimensions1020×860mm1020×860mm1320×900mm1320×900mm1540×900mm
Max.Feeding Size400mm400mm500mm500mm600mm
The Feeder at the BottomHopper Volume0.8m³0.8m³1m³1m³1.5m³
Unearthed Belt ConveyorsDimensions
Dumping Height2200mm2200mm2200mm2200mm2400mm
Main Belt ConveyorDimensions
Dumping Height3300mm3300mm3500mm3500mm3800mm
Secondary ScreenPower6.12kw6.12kw
Sieve Dimensions1500×36001500×4200
Belt Conveyors at the BottomDimensions
Dumping Height2900mm3000mm
Transferring Belt ConveyorDimensions
Dumping Height1400mm1400mm
Belt Conveyors for Discharging MaterialDimensions
Dumping Height4200mm4500mm
Iron RemoverModelRCYQ-10RCYQ-10RCYQ-10RCYQ-10RCYQ-10
Diesel EnginePower96kw106kw106kw132kw132kw
ManufacturerCarter PerkinsCarter PerkinsCarter PerkinsCarter PerkinsCarter Perkins
The Main MachinePower253kw274kw304kw324.4kw366kw
Ways of ControllingWired/Wireless (optional)Wired/Wireless (optional)Wired/Wireless (optional)Wired/Wireless (optional)Wired/Wireless (optional)

Please note that the specifications, data, and technology of the tracked impact crusher may be subject to change as technology advances. Zoneding Machine reserves the right to make any necessary changes without prior notice.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the actual performance of the machine may vary depending on the specific application and conditions. For more detailed information and specific inquiries, I recommend chatting online with Zoneding engineers. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the performance and capabilities of the tracked impact crusher.

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