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Spring Cone CrusherSpring Cone Crusher

Spring Cone Crusher

Applied Material: Limestone, granite, gravel, quartz, cobble, dolomite, basalt, bluestone, iron ore, construction waste, cement clinker, artificial sand, dry mortar, etc.
  • Feed Size:35-300mm
  • Capacity:12-700TPH

What is Spring Cone Crusher?

Spring cone crusher is a type of cone crusher that is known for its high efficiency and large crushing ratio. Zoneding Machine’s spring cone crusher is designed with a focus on lamination crushing and features a high swing frequency, optimized cavity, and reasonable stroke design. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing of various materials, including iron ore, limestone, granite, basalt, quartz, and more. The spring cone crusher is equipped with an overload protection device that utilizes a spring system, giving it its name.

Spring Cone Crusher

Spring Cone Crusher

Spring cone crusher has a wide range of applications and can be used for medium and fine crushing of various materials with medium and high hardness. Some of the common applications include:

Sand making plant and building materials: It can be used to crush materials like limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, and other materials commonly used in the production of sand and building materials.

Ore dressing line: Spring cone crusher is suitable for crushing iron ore, copper ore, and other metal ores in the ore dressing process.

Mining industry: It can be used for crushing cobble, dolomite, bluestone, gravel, basalt, and other materials commonly found in the mining industry.

Other applications: Spring cone crusher can be used in concrete mixing plants, dry mortar production, artificial quartz/silica sand production, and desulfurization processes in power plants, among others.

Spring Cone Crusher Application.jpg

Spring Cone Crusher Application

The working principle of a spring cone crusher is as follows:

The motor drives the eccentric bushing to rotate through the belt, wheels, and driving shafts.

As the eccentric bushing rotates, it causes the main shaft to rotate and oscillate, which in turn causes the crushing cone (mantle) and the fixed cone (concave) to approach and squeeze the materials in the crushing chamber.

The materials are continuously crushed and bent between the fixed cone and the movable cone.

The crushed materials are discharged from the discharge opening at the bottom of the cone crusher.

In addition to the main components of the cone crusher, there are also auxiliary devices that contribute to its operation:

Overload protection system: This system consists of a spring system that protects the crusher from damage in case of overload.

Lubricating system: This system ensures proper lubrication of the crusher components, reducing friction and wear.

Hydraulic cavity-cleaning system: This system helps to clear any blockages in the crushing chamber by using hydraulic cylinders to adjust the position of the movable cone.

Electrical system: The electrical system controls and monitors the operation of the cone crusher, including starting, stopping, and adjusting settings.

Overall, the working principle of a spring cone crusher involves the rotation and oscillation of the eccentric bushing, which causes the crushing cone to crush and bend materials between the fixed cone and the movable cone.

Cone Crusher Process.gif

Spring Cone Crusher Working Principle

The structural advantages of a spring cone crusher include:

Good performance and low cost: The spring cone crusher is designed with a suitable crushing speed, stoking structure, and optimized chamber. This combination enables improved crushing frequency and production capacity, resulting in efficient and cost-effective operation.

Safe and reliable operation: The spring cone crusher has a large-diameter spindle and a heavy main frame, which ensures the durability and reliability of the machine. This provides a safe operating environment for the operator. Additionally, the independent multipoint controlled lubrication system provides double protection for the bearing parts, ensuring their safe and reliable operation.

Easy to operate and maintain: The spring cone crusher is designed for easy operation and maintenance. All the parts can be disassembled from the sides or top of the crusher, making it convenient to access and replace components when needed. The hydraulic cleaning system effectively cleans the crushing cavity, reducing downtime and facilitating maintenance.

Overall, the structural advantages of a spring cone crusher include its good performance, low cost, safe and reliable operation, and easy operation and maintenance. These features contribute to the efficient and effective crushing of materials in various applications.


Details of Spring Cone Crusher.jpg

Details of Spring Cone Crusher

Zoneding Machine is a professional cone crusher manufacturer based in China. They have a dedicated cone crusher plant located in a high-tech and development zone. In addition to manufacturing spring cone crushers, Zoneding Machine also produces rock cone crushers and hydraulic cone crushers.

Customers can benefit from Zoneding’s expertise by accessing free consultation services, which includes information on cone crusher price, solutions, and flow charts. Whether you have questions about the cone crusher or need guidance on choosing the right crusher for your specific needs, Zoneding Machine can provide the necessary assistance.

Spring Cone Crusher

Workshop of Spring Cone Crusher

General Specification

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Width of 
Φ600PYB6006006512-25408P   3052234×1370×1675
Φ900PYB90090011515-5050-908P   5511.22692×1640×2350
Φ1200PYB1200120014520-50110-1688P   11024.72790×1878×2844
Φ1750PYB1750175021525-50180-3608P   16050.33910×2894×3809
Φ2200PYB2200220030030-60420-7008P   280-260804622×3302×4470

Note: Please be aware that the information provided may be subject to change due to advancements in technology. Zoneding Machine reserves the right to modify the data without prior notice. It’s important to note that machine performance may vary depending on the specific application. For more detailed and up-to-date information, I recommend chatting online with Zoneding engineers who can provide you with the most accurate and relevant information based on your specific requirements.

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