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Toothed Roll CrusherToothed Roll Crusher

Toothed Roll Crusher

Applied Material: River gravel, iron ore, slag, limestone, quartz, granite and other medium or hard ores and rocks in mine, metallurgy industry, construction, etc.
  • Feed Size:200-1150mm
  • Capacity:30-300TPH

Toothed Roller Crusher Introduction

The toothed roller crusher, also known as teethed roller crusher, is a type of roller crusher that plays a primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing role. It is characterized by its simple structure with two relatively rotating rollers. These rollers have sharp teeth that effectively break the materials being crushed. The rollers are made of special wear-resistant materials and are set on a heavy and rigid bearing bed.

Zoneding’s toothed roller crusher incorporates advanced technology, including German expertise, making it suitable for various industries such as mining, metallurgy, cement, power plants, and more. It particularly excels in crushing coal, including coal gangue, in large-scale coal preparation plants or coal mining facilities.

Zoneding offers toothed roller crushers in different configurations, including double roller crushers and four-roller series. Our customers can receive personalized solutions based on their specific requirements.

We prioritize customer requirements when providing solutions for toothed roller crushers. You can choose the most suitable toothed roll crusher based on the desired particle size of the final product.

The toothed roll crusher finds application in various industries due to its specially designed structure, which enables it to handle a wide range of materials and achieve a high crushing ratio of 5-8. Some examples of toothed roll crusher applications are as follows:

Coal Preparation Plants: Toothed roll crushers are commonly used in coal preparation plants for the crushing of coal and coal gangue. They effectively break down large-sized coal blocks into smaller particles, making them suitable for further processing.

Mining Industry: Toothed roll crushers are used in the mining industry to crush materials such as ore, limestone, and iron ore. They are ideal for primary, secondary, and tertiary crushing stages in mining operations.

Metallurgy Industry: Toothed roll crushers are utilized in the metallurgy industry for the crushing of various metals and alloys. They can handle materials with different hardness levels and produce uniform-sized particles.

Cement Industry: Toothed roll crushers are employed in the cement industry to crush clinker and other materials during the production process. They help in reducing the size of the materials for further processing.

Power Plants: Toothed roll crushers are used in power plants to crush coal and facilitate its combustion. They are suitable for crushing coal with high moisture content and coal containing coal gangue.

These are just a few examples of the applications of toothed roll crushers. Their versatility and ability to handle a wide range of materials make them valuable in various industrial departments.

Toothed roll crushers have a wide range of applications in various industries:

In the cement industry, they can be used to break down large concrete and limestone materials that are too big to be ground. This helps in the production of smaller particles that are suitable for further processing.

In the mining industry, toothed roll crushers are used to process raw ore, making it more convenient for packaging, storage, and transportation.

In brick and tile factories, toothed roll crushers are used to break down thick and wet materials, enabling them to be used as filler in the production process.

In coal plants, toothed roller crushers are used to prepare coal for processing, particularly to crush raw coal that contains gangue.

In sand making plants, toothed roll crushers can be used as primary crushers to improve crushing efficiency. They help in breaking down materials such as pebble, quartz, anthracite, lignite, sinter, coke, slag, shale, and granite.

Additionally, toothed roll crushers find applications in the metallurgy, chemical industry, and building materials industry for processing various materials.

These applications showcase the versatility and effectiveness of toothed roll crushers in different industries.

Applied Fields of Toothed Roller Crusher.jpg

Applied fileds of toothed roller crusher

Working Principle of Toothed Roll Crusher

The working principle of a toothed roll crusher involves the mutual extrusion of two rollers. The main component of the crusher is the roller, which is fixed on the foundation bed along with other parts such as motors and wheels.

When the toothed roll crusher is in operation, the wheels receive energy from the motor, causing the rollers to rotate. Material is fed between the rollers and is squeezed to the required size. The crushed material is then discharged from the opening at the bottom of the crusher bed.

The size of the finished product can be adjusted by controlling the quantity or thickness of the pads used between the rollers. This allows for flexibility in achieving the desired particle size.

Teeth Roll Crusher WorkingPrinciple.gif

Motor of Toothed Roll Crusher

The toothed roll crusher offers several structural benefits:

Special Design and Wide Application: The crusher is equipped with scrapers that facilitate timely cleaning of the grooves and roller surface, preventing blockages, even when processing materials with moisture.

Easy Adjustment and Customized Solution: The number and thickness of adjustable gaskets allow for easy adjustment of the discharged size according to specific requirements.

High Crushing Ratio and Reliable Performance: The toothed roll crusher is designed with two teethed rollers that tightly snap together, resulting in a high crushing ratio of about 5-8.

Small Volume and Low Cost: Compared to other crushing machines, the toothed roll crusher has a smaller volume and occupies less space, reducing land costs.

Automatic Hydraulic Retreat Device: In situations where materials cannot be crushed, the hydraulic device automatically retreats the rollers, preventing damage to the machine and extending its service life.

Good Performance in Coal Preparation: The toothed roll crusher is particularly effective in breaking raw coal, coke, and materials containing gangue. This simplifies coal preparation and reduces investment and production costs.

Structural Benefits of Toothed Roll Crusher.jpg

Structural Benefits of Toothed Roll Crusher

Classic Case of Toothed Roll Crusher

In 2017, Zoneding double-toothed roll crushers were introduced to a mining plant in Germany for use in a pebble crushing line. The pebble production line had a capacity of 100TPH, with an input size of 50-200mm and an output size below 50mm.

The plant foreman, who was aware of the benefits of toothed roll crushers, searched for them on Google and came across Zoneding’s website. After chatting with the sales team, he gained a better understanding of the customized solutions, flow chart, latest quotation, and maintenance tips for the toothed roll crusher.

One month later, the foreman visited Zoneding Machine’s workshop and, impressed with what he saw, made a decision on the last day of his visit. Since then, the toothed roll crushers have performed well for him, delivering a high crushing ratio.

Toothed Roll Crusher

Toothed Roller Crusher Customer Site

The discharge size of the toothed roller crusher can be adjusted through various methods, such as:

Distance between the rollers: The gap between the two rollers can be adjusted by using gaskets. Adding or reducing the amount or thickness of the gaskets will change the distance between the rollers, resulting in a different discharge particle size.

Teeth on the rollers: The size, number, and thickness of the teeth on the rollers also affect the discharge particle size. Adjusting these factors can help achieve the desired size reduction.

By adjusting the distance between the rollers and modifying the teeth on the rollers, operators have control over the final discharge size of the crushed material.

Toothed Roll Crusher Machine Manufacturer

Zoneding Machine (ZDM) is a well-established manufacturer of toothed roll crusher machines. Located in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, Zoneding Machine has a rich history of about 40 years in the machinery industry.

With a strong commitment to environmental protection, Zoneding Machine focuses on the research and development of low-noise and low-dust toothed roll crushers. This ensures that their machines are not only efficient but also eco-friendly.

Zoneding Machine has a dedicated team of over 360 engineers who specialize in providing customized solutions to meet the specific needs of their customers. They also offer consultation services to help optimize machine performance and prolong service life.

If you are interested in their toothed roll crushers or have any inquiries, you can easily reach out to them through their online chat or by leaving a message. Their professional team will be happy to assist you and provide you with the latest pricing information for their toothed roll crushers.

Toothed Roll Crusher

Toothed Roll Crusher Ready for Shipment

General Specification

2PGC600×500600500200-45015-10030-604P   11×23.82450×1800×950
2PGC600×800600750300-60020-12060-1004P   18.5×27.24500×1900×1350
2PGC800×10008001000500-80030-150100-1604P   22×212.62550×2050×1100
2PGC1000×100010001000700-95030-200150-2006P   45×218.82780×4100×1550
2PGC1200×120012001200800-105030-200180-2506P   55×229.52780×3200×1980
2PGC1500×1200150012001000-115030-200200-3006P   75×238.68010×4500×2050

Please note that the data provided may be subject to change as technology continues to advance. Zoneding Machine reserves the right to make changes without prior notice. Additionally, the performance of the machine may vary depending on the specific application it is used for. For more detailed information and specific inquiries, it is recommended to chat online with Zoneding Machine’s engineers. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information based on your requirements and needs.

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