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Kaolin Processing PlantKaolin Processing Plant

Kaolin Processing Plant

Kaolin processing and beneficiation techniques aim to maximize the grade and recovery of kaolin, resulting in the production of high-purity products. This process not only ensures the quality and utilization of minerals but also enables the fulfillment of high value-added market applications. By achieving the necessary high brightness standards for kaolin applications, the processed kaolin can be utilized in a wide range of industries. Additionally, optimizing the cost-performance of plant operations plays a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and profitability.

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Kaolin Beneficiation Process

Kaolin beneficiation process can be classified into dry and wet beneficiation, depending on the final application field of the ore. Dry beneficiation is used when kaolin is utilized in industries such as rubber, paper filling, glass fiber, or sanitary ware production. It involves steps like coarse crushing, magnetic separation, and gravity separation to remove impurities and enhance the selectivity of the ore. Dry beneficiation saves water resources as there is no need to add water during the process.

On the other hand, wet beneficiation is employed when kaolin is used in the paper industry. It is suitable for purifying kaolin ore with high water content. Wet beneficiation includes steps like flotation, wet gravity separation, and magnetic separation to effectively remove impurities and improve the purity of the kaolin. Adding water during wet beneficiation aids in forming flotation froth, facilitating the separation and purification process.

The specific kaolin beneficiation process is selected based on the properties and requirements of the ore, aiming to achieve separation and purification. Factors like engineering economy and environmental protection are considered to ensure the efficient, stable, and sustainable development of the kaolin beneficiation plant.

Kaolin Processing Plant

150TPH kaolin processing plant, main equipment and details as follows:

  • Feeding machine
  • Stone washing machine
  • Scrubbing machine
  • Trommel screen
  • Spiral sand washing machine
  • Hydrocyclone group
  • Dewatering screen

  1. Raw materials are transported to the hopper using a forklift or an excavator. The feeder below the hopper feeds the materials to the trough washing machine via a belt conveyor. Its main function is to disperse, stir, and clean the agglomerated kaolin.
  2. The material is then directed to the scrubber for further washing. This process enhances the rubbing action and helps remove the slime from the kaolin.
  3. Next, the washed material is passed through a trommel screen to remove larger waste pieces. These waste pieces are then transported to a designated area using a belt conveyor. The material that passes through the screen enters the double-screw sand washing machine.
  4. The overflow from the double-screw sand washing machine becomes kaolin concentrate, while the bottom flow enters a second sand washing machine for further cleaning. The underflow from this second sand washing machine is processed by a wheel sand washing machine. The resulting overflow becomes concentrated ore, and the bottom flow undergoes two rounds of dehydration. Finally, the material on the second dewatering screen is coarse-grained waste that is transported away using a belt conveyor. The kaolin concentrate is located below the sieve.
  5. The kaolin concentrate that overflows from the two spiral sand washers and wheel sand washers enters the first pool. The under-sieve concentrate, after passing through two rounds of dehydration, is directed to the second pool.
  6. The concentrate from the first pool is fed to the first cyclone group using a slurry pump. The overflow from this cyclone group becomes concentrate, while the underflow material undergoes dehydration. The material on the dewatering screen is medium-sized waste that is transported away using a belt conveyor. The concentrate that passes through the screen enters the second pool.

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