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Fluorite ProcessingFluorite Processing

Fluorite Processing

Fluorspar, also known as fluorite, is primarily composed of calcium fluoride (CaF2) and finds widespread industrial use as a source of fluorine. The sorting of fluorite ore is achieved through gravity separation and flotation techniques. The design and equipment of a fluorspar beneficiation plant will be tailored to the specific characteristics of the fluorite ore, including factors such as ore type, embedded particle size, and ore properties. We customize the design and equipment selection in accordance with these factors and the specific requirements of the situation at hand.

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Fluorite Ore Beneficiation

  1. Gravity separation is commonly used for extracting coarse-grained metallurgical grade fluorite ore. The process involves utilizing a jig concentrator, which can handle a wide range of particle sizes and is effective at sorting materials.
  2. Flotation separation is employed to produce high-quality fluorite concentrate. The main challenge in fluorite flotation is separating gangue minerals such as quartz, calcite, and granite. Different types of fluorite ore can be categorized based on the gangue minerals present.
  • Quartz-fluorite type ore: Contains mainly fluorite (80%-90%) and quartz, along with minor amounts of calcite, barite, and sulfide. The focus is on reducing the silicon content in the concentrates. Separation involves grinding to dissociate quartz and fluorite monomers, followed by ore crushing, grinding, roughing, regrinding, and multiple separations.
  • Calcite-fluorite type ore: Composed mainly of fluorite and calcite (up to 30%), sometimes with quartz. Can also include quartz-calcite-fluorite type ore, which is more challenging to process. The process involves ore crushing, grading, jigging, grinding, roughing, and multiple selections.
  • Sulfide fluorite type ore: Primarily processed through flotation, with the addition of a sulfide ore inhibitor (e.g., cyanide) to suppress residual sulfides and ensure high-quality fluorite concentrate. The fluorite is then separated as tailings and treated separately. The process involves raw ore crushing, grinding, preferential flotation of sulfide minerals, and tailings flotation of fluorite. It allows for the production of high-quality fluorite products while simultaneously recycling valuable metals.
  • Barite-type fluorite ore: Contains barite and fluorite, typically with a barite content of 10%-40%. It often accompanies minerals like pyrite, galena, and sphalerite. The separation process depends on various factors, including the specific conditions of the dressing plant and available budget.

The choice between fluorite flotation and gravity separation is determined based on a comprehensive evaluation of factors such as the plant’s actual conditions, investment budget, and other considerations.

Fluorite Processing Plant

  1. Crushing and screening: The crushing and screening process for fluorite ore can vary depending on the nature of the mines. Some plants use a three-stage one-closed crushing process, while others use a three-stage open-circuit crushing process.
  2. Grinding: In the grinding stage, a two-stage grinding process is commonly employed. A ball mill and spiral classifier are combined to form a closed-circuit ring mill, which effectively grinds the ore to the desired particle size.
  3. Flotation separation: Fine-grained minerals are separated through a flotation process. They are mixed with flotation agents in the mixing tank and then undergo separation in the flotation machine.
  4. Dewatering: The material proceeds to the thickener to concentrate and recycle clarified water. The concentrate is then pumped to the vacuum disc filter using a slurry pump, where it is dehydrated into a filter cake.

This complete fluorite flotation process and equipment result in a high-quality fluorite concentrate with reduced impurities. The process is seamlessly executed, with compact steps and careful consideration. Through numerous trials and practices, it has been scientifically developed and proven. Depending on the specific needs of different users and the properties of their fluorite ore, Zoneding Machine can also customize various types of fluorite ore process flows.

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