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Quartz BeneficiationQuartz Beneficiation

Quartz Beneficiation

Quartz sand, or silica sand, is a widely used non-metallic mineral raw material with various applications. The beneficiation of quartz sand involves a challenging separation process aimed at removing small or trace impurities in order to obtain refined or high-purity quartz sand.

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Quartz Beneficiation Process

There are various silica resources with large storage capacity. Quartzite, quartz sandstone, and vein quartz are the main raw materials for producing high-purity quartz sand.

  1. Quartzite: It is a metamorphic rock dominated by quartz. Quartz sandstone and siliceous rock undergo metamorphism to form quartzite, where the silica content is above 85%.
  2. Quartz sandstone: This sedimentary rock is formed by cementing quartz particles. Its silica content can be as high as 95%.
  3. Vein quartz: It is formed when silicon thermal fluid, released by underground magma, fills rock fissures. Vein quartz has a remarkably high silica content of up to 99%.

For general industrial use, it is recommended to choose a simple process flow to reduce purification costs. The scrubbing-desliming-magnetic separation process is commonly used to meet the required quality standards for refined sand quartz.

On the other hand, for high-purity and ultra-high-purity quartz used in advanced applications, further purification is necessary. This involves processes such as flotation and acid leaching.

By selecting the appropriate beneficiation method based on the type of quartz ore, the desired level of purification can be achieved. Gravity separation is suitable for quartz ore associated with iron-bearing heavy minerals, magnetic separation for impurities like hematite, limonite, and biotite, and flotation separation for quartz ore associated with feldspar mine.

If you need more information about quartz stone beneficiation plans, equipment prices, or other details, feel free to consult Zoneding Machine online.

  • Gravity separation: Suitable for quartz ore associated with iron-bearing heavy minerals.
  • Magnetic separation: Suitable for quartz ore associated with hematite, limonite, biotite, and other impurities.
  • Flotation separation: Suitable for quartz ore associated with feldspar mine.

The specific quartz stone beneficiation equipment corresponds to the chosen beneficiation method. For more information about quartz stone beneficiation plans, equipment prices, or other details, you can consult Zoneding Machine online for assistance.

Quartz Processing Plant

  1. Washing-classifying-desilting: Used to improve the grade of quartz sand by removing impurities and clay through water washing, classification, and desilting.
  2. Scrubbing: Removes thin film iron and adhesion impurities on the surface of quartz sand through mechanical force and abrasion between sand particles.
  3. Gravity separation: Separates minerals based on their different densities by using fluid force and mechanical force, resulting in loose stratification and separation of ore particles.
  4. Magnetic separation: Removes magnetic impurity minerals and particles in quartz sand using a strong magnetic separator, eliminating mixed-in iron minerals and weak magnetic minerals.
  5. Flotation: Separates mineral particles based on their physical and chemical properties on the surface of the mineral particles. Primarily used to remove mica and feldspar from quartz sand.
  6. Dewatering: Dehydrates and dries quartz stone to obtain the desired products. The actual configuration may vary based on production needs.

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