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How to choose lime grinding equipment? Need to use grinding aid?

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To choose the appropriate lime grinding equipment, the following methods can be considered:

  1. Ball Mill: When the required fineness is not very high, a ball mill is a more economical choice. Ball mills are energy-saving, have high grinding efficiency, and low energy consumption. They are widely used in grinding lime. Ball mills can achieve dry grinding fineness up to 400 mesh and wet grinding fineness up to 325 mesh.
  2. Rod Mill: Rod mills are suitable for quicklime grinding as they have a stronger ability to handle brittle materials. They are suitable for coarse grinding of quicklime, especially when quicklime is used as a desiccant. Rod mills provide more uniform grinding size and high efficiency.
  3. Other Grinding Equipment: For fine grinding of quicklime, ball mills and rod mills may not achieve the desired degree of fineness. In such cases, other equipment like Raymond mills, tube mills, or pressure roller mills can be used. Tube mills are mainly used for vertical kiln lime grinding, while pressure roller mills are suitable for light-burning lime. Air flow classifiers can be added to improve grinding efficiency and control the product size distribution.
How to choose lime grinding equipment? Need to use grinding aid?

In general, the use of grinding aids is recommended for grinding quicklime. Grinding aids can enhance the grinding efficiency and control the particle size distribution. Ethanol, amines such as ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, and triethanolamine are commonly used as grinding aids. For fine grinding, raw gypsum (CaSO4-2H2O) or sugar residue, a by-product of the sugar industry, can be added to adjust solubility.

By considering the specific requirements for fineness, efficiency, and particle size distribution, and by using grinding aids, you can choose the appropriate lime grinding equipment for your application.

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