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Cone crusher common 9 kinds of faults and solutions

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At present, the crushing process of large-scale mines is mainly based on the use of three sections and one closed-circuit. Closed-circuit crusher is the key equipment to realize coarse, medium and fine three-section “more crushing and less grinding”, and the cone crusher belongs to the high-power and high-efficiency crushing equipment, has been the mainstream of the choice of medium and fine crushing equipment for hard and medium-hard rock.

This article shares the common faults and solutions of large cone crusher.

1.Abnormal oil pressure and temperature

When the oil circuit or oil pipe of thin oil lubrication system in large cone crusher is blocked, it is easy to cause oil pressure and oil temperature to rise at the same time (when the oil return pipe is blocked, the oil leakage at the water and dust-proof device makes the water seal drain with oil, but the oil pressure is not risen), and it is necessary to shut down to solve the problem; if the eccentric bushing partly breaks down, and the oil temperature is >55℃, and the oil pressure does not rise, it is necessary to shut down to solve the problem of the straight bushing and the conical bushing;

When the filter is clogged, the oil pressure of its front and rear oil pipes is different, if the oil pressure difference is >0.04MPa, the oil can be supplied without filter first, and then dismantle and clean the filter, but the direct oil supply to the crusher should be less than 2-3h;
When the oil temperature is low, the oil switch is not open, and the oil pump is not running well, it will cause no oil flow in the oil indicator, and the oil pump is running but the oil pressure is <0.05MPa, so it is necessary to heat up the oil, open the oil switch, and overhaul or replace the oil pump; When the oil temperature is too low in winter, the safety valve fails to work or the pumping capacity is too large, and the feeding pressure is too large, it will cause the crushing cone to be lifted up, and the oil should be heated, the safety valve should be adjusted or the oil pump should be replaced; When the bearings, bushings, bushings, bevel gears and other parts are faulty, the ambient temperature is too high, there is no cooling water, the cooling water water pressure is low or the cooler is clogged, which causes the oil temperature to be >60℃, it should be shut down to solve the faults and supply the cooling water, increase the cooling water pressure or clean the cooler.

2.High current

If the cone crusher feeds too much ore, unevenly, contains too much powder ore or is wet, the equipment should be adjusted to feed ore evenly and continuously, and the ore containing too much powder ore should be cleared before feeding; in case of poor lubrication, the moving parts should be dismantled and lubricated; in case of damage to the bearings or spherical bearings, the spare parts should be replaced; in case of poor contact surface of the bearings, the contact surface of the bearings should be scraped and researched or replaced; in case of friction between the upper part of big bevel gears and lower part of the spherical bearing seat, a pad should be added on the lower part of spherical bearing seat; in case of broken main shaft, change the main shaft. If the upper part of the large bevel gear rubs against the lower part of the spherical bearing seat, the lower part of the spherical bearing seat should be padded; if the spindle is broken, the spindle should be replaced.

3.Lining wear loss efficiency

Large cone crusher high speed, crushing force, compression, shear pressure is huge, cone liner is prone to cutting, plastic change and fatigue and other forms of wear and tear failure, resulting in compound plastic deformation, fatigue cracks spalling, etc., the largest amount of loss.

4.Crusher “Flyer”

The fault is mainly manifested in the large cone crusher rotating speed abnormality. Flying car, the crushed ore can not be discharged in time to form a blockage, the crusher overloaded operation, instant vibration is intense, the working current increases steeply, the temperature of the oil back to the surge, the inertial impact force is too large, serious extrusion of conical copper bushings, easy to burn the main motor, the bevel gear teeth, the spindle fracture, cracking and other unexpected accidents frame.

The main cause of the failure is poorly scraped inner wall of the liner, improper assembly or excessive wear; crusher operation is not sufficient break-in, the spindle and liner between the lubricating oil film strength is insufficient; liner and spindle with a good fit, but the dynamic cone spherical and bowl bearing wear; over-iron transient load is too large, the dynamic balance of the machine body was destroyed; eccentric bushing at the bottom of the thrust bearing wear; the failure of the cooler or the cooling capacity of less than the system to generate heat; oil pressure is too high, the main shaft is prone to lose dynamic balance; lubricating oil pressure is too high, the main shaft will lose dynamic balance; lubricating oil pressure is too high. The spindle is easy to lose dynamic balance; the lubricating oil is poor or contaminated, the viscosity becomes low.

5.Excessive wear of bevel teeth, beating teeth

Large hydraulic cone breakers over iron condition, but easy to wear, playing teeth or umbrella teeth were root cut, need frequent maintenance, and each maintenance nearly 24h or longer, if the outsourcing umbrella teeth, maintenance time is difficult to estimate. The main cause of its failure is imperfect protection devices; feeding slag iron material over the equipment over the maximum size of the iron and be stuck; cone breakers are blocked downtime, with a heavy load forced to start; configure the transmission motor mismatch, seriously affecting the efficiency and normal operation of the equipment.

Should improve the equipment material, surfacing cemented carbide or comprehensive treatment; design of two iron removal, in addition to the original feed slag belt head wheel iron removal, in the feeding of slag on the belt additional permanent magnet hanging iron removal device, can effectively avoid slag iron mixed into the crushing chamber; with heavy load, adjust the current of the equipment protection device, so that it can not be forcibly started or instantaneous protection tripped; monthly inspection found that the metal content of the internal hydraulic oil tank exceeds the standard, the need to be dealt with in time; improve the operating system, strengthen the supervision of the crusher over iron and joint and several responsibility assessment, can improve the machine operating efficiency and service life, and significantly reduce operating costs.

6.Frequent jumping of adjustment ring

During the trial operation, the large cone crusher feeds unevenly or deviates along the crushing cavity, which makes it difficult to realize the full feeding of ore, and the operating current fluctuates greatly, which often makes the adjusting ring jumping. Improvement of the feeding hopper and the moving cone distributing disk can realize the even full of ore distribution. It is necessary to strictly control the feeding granularity to prevent non-crushed materials from mixing into the crushing cavity; lock the adjustment cap; before starting the cone breaker, it is necessary to check in all directions to ensure that the clearance of the adjustment ring and locking ring threads is reasonable, to increase the locking stroke, and to reduce the wear and tear of the adjustment ring, locking ring threads and locking bolts; the design of the feeding hopper is extremely important, and it should be ensured that the center of the falling materials is as close as possible to the center of the crusher; when the design limitations are exceeded, the locking bolt should be tightened in the case of overloading, over-ironing, low screening efficiency or overloading. When overloading, over iron, low screening efficiency or exceeding the design limitations, the locking bolts are easy to break under overload, so it is necessary to replace the new spare parts, adjust the adjustment ring and locking ring clearance, and adjust the size of the discharge opening to the appropriate size according to the nature of the ore.

7.Over-iron and instantaneous stop

Large cone crusher over iron, especially high manganese steel objects will make the instantaneous load steeply, forcing the oil film rupture, easy to burn the copper sleeve, and frequent over iron is easy to cause shaft breakage accidents, the harm is very great, so the release of over iron is crucial. Once over-iron and instantaneous shutdown, its hydraulic automatic over-iron can hydraulically lift the top, automatic discharge, so that the iron through the crushing chamber; for insurance purposes, should be added to the metal detector, and keep it sensitive and reliable state, real-time monitoring of over-iron conditions, to avoid the over-iron jammed and shutdown, greatly reducing the need to shut down for manual discharging of the annoyance of ensuring that the extreme conditions to achieve the maximum benefit.

8.Lubricant failure

During the operation of the large cone crusher, when the dustproof rubber ring is seriously worn out and causes poor sealing, the lubricating oil in the body is easy to encroach on a large amount of dust, so that the oil deteriorates rapidly, resulting in poor lubrication and a sudden drop in the service life, and it is easy to happen that the bevel gear is worn out too much, the teeth are broken, the cone is rotating at a high speed, and it is easy to hold the axle or scrape the tiles and other accidents. Insufficient positive air pressure will reduce the positive pressure in the lubrication chamber, which will easily absorb dust and make the oil deteriorate rapidly, so the positive air pressure of the positive pressure blowing system of the crusher needs to be checked frequently; TU-type labyrinth seal failure, the crushing chamber and the lubrication system are prone to invade a large amount of dust, which will make the lubricating oil ineffective, so the labyrinth seal should be inspected regularly; the lubricating oil viscosity and other indexes will be decreased abruptly after exceeding the use cycle of 2,000h, so the lubricating oil must be replaced regularly.

9.Excessive crusher vibration

Large cone crusher feeding too much or uneven, discharge port is too small, there is a certain amount of fines and sticky materials in the feed, spring force is insufficient, often caused by excessive vibration of the crusher. The feed should be correct, the discharge opening should be adjusted within the permissible range, the fine and viscous materials in the feed should be reduced, and the compression nut on the spring should be tightened or the spring should be replaced according to the regulations. Insufficient clearance of the conical liner, lack of oil between the spindle and the liner, or invasion of dust in the oil, due to the wear of the bowl bearing tiles or the manufacture of the reasons, so that the contact surface is as deep as the inner circle, and the cone carcass is sunk, which will cause strong vibration of the crusher, and the crushing cone section will have high rotation, and the crusher should be dismantled, or replaced. Disassemble, inspect or replace the bushing, main shaft, etc., to investigate the cause of oil shortage and eliminate; reasonably adjust the bushing clearance; re-scrape and meet the requirements.

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