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Quartz sand ball mill

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Quartz sand ball mill

Quartz sand is an important industrial mineral used in various industries such as glass, casting, and ceramics. To meet specific purity requirements, quartz sand is often further processed through crushing and grinding. For fine particle size grinding, a quartz sand ball mill is commonly used.

The quartz sand ball mill is designed to grind quartz sand into particles with a controlled particle size of up to 325 mesh (0.045mm). The feed size of the crushed quartz product should be around 20-30mm.

Quartz sand ball mill

The working principle of the quartz sand ball mill involves rotating the cylinder, which is usually equipped with 35%-40% steel balls. As the ball mill starts, the cylinder begins to rotate. The steel balls in the cylinder collide and rub against the quartz sand, resulting in parabolic motion. Under the influence of gravity, centrifugal force, Kohl’s force, and friction, the steel balls continuously crush and mix the quartz sand, gradually grinding it into fine particles.

To achieve higher output and production efficiency, it is recommended to load the mill with quartz sand and steel balls up to a maximum of two-thirds of the cylinder capacity.

The production capacity of a quartz sand ball mill can be measured by two parameters: the hourly production capacity and the processing capacity per unit mill volume.

The hourly production capacity refers to the amount of ore processed by the mill per hour, given a specific feed quantity and product size. To increase the capacity, it is necessary to improve the raw ore quality, such as reducing the feed size and removing rocks and stones in advance. This will improve the ore’s grindability, leading to increased grinding capacity and reduced energy consumption.

The processing capacity per unit mill volume refers to the average volume of ore processed by the mill in a unit of time. It is an important indicator that reflects the mill’s work efficiency. By increasing the mill capacity per unit volume, overall mill capacity can be effectively improved.

By understanding these indicators and optimizing the mill’s operating conditions, the capacity of the quartz sand ball mill can be maximized.

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