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Diatomaceous earth ball mill

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Diatomaceous earth, a sedimentary rock composed mainly of silica, is commonly used in various industries such as construction, paint additives, pesticide production, and wastewater treatment. When processing diatomaceous earth, grinding is an essential step, which can be achieved using a diatomite ball mill.

The grinding fineness of diatomaceous earth depends on its specific application. For example, for soil additives, composite fertilizers, rubber product fillers, a grinding fineness of 325 mesh to 500 mesh is usually sufficient, making a ball mill suitable for this purpose. In contrast, if diatomaceous earth is used in feed additives, paint fillers, leather manufacturing, etc., where higher fineness is required, a Raymond mill or other grinding equipment may be necessary.

The structure of a diatomite ball mill is simple and reasonable, designed for high grinding efficiency.

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