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Lithium pyroxene ball mill features, lithium ore ball mill price

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Lithium pyroxene is a mineral commonly used in the production of lithium, which is in high demand due to the increasing application of lithium in various industries. When processing lithium ore, ball mill is usually used, here are some features of lithium ore ball mill and its price.

Lithium pyroxene ball mill features, lithium ore ball mill price

Features of lithium pyroxene ball mill:

  • The liner plate of the ball mill is designed with grooves, which can improve the lifting effect of lithium pyroxene and steel balls and increase the grinding efficiency.
  • Adopting rolling bearings instead of sliding bearings makes the ball mill easier to start and reduces the energy consumption during startup.
  • Smaller lithium feldspar ball mills with barrel diameters of less than 2.1 meters can be equipped with an integral frame, which saves construction costs and facilitates installation.
  • The design includes a large discharge opening that allows more material to be discharged at the same time, thus increasing grinding efficiency.
  • The ball mill is equipped with a slow speed drive system, which is easy for maintenance and repair, and avoids material lumping in the cylinder after shutdown.

Lithium ore ball mill price:
The price of lithium ore ball mill depends on the size of the equipment model. The price of a small ball mill with a cylinder diameter of less than 1 meter is about 100tens of thousands, which is relatively affordable. Large ball mill price is higher, the price of 3645 lithium ore ball mill is about 2million. In general, the larger the model, the higher the price.

To get a specific quote, customers can provide the model number of the lithium pyroxene ball mill they need. If the model number cannot be determined, an estimate can be made based on the planned processing capacity.

The Lithium Pyroxene Ball Mill grinds the lithium pyroxene to 350 mesh, ensuring the effectiveness of subsequent sorting and a high recovery of the beneficiated ore.

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