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How to choose lead zinc ore grinding process and grinding equipment?

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1. Preparation stage:
– CRUSHING AND SCREENING: Determine the particle size of lead zinc ore by crushing and screening. Use jaw crusher or cone crusher for rough crushing and circular vibrating screen for screening.
– Washing and desliming: If the lead-zinc ore is susceptible to sludge, additional washing and desliming steps should be performed. Use washing equipment such as screens and desliming equipment such as spiral classifiers.

2. Grinding and classification stages:
– MILLING PROCESS: Use one or two stages of closed circuit milling and classification. Ball mill is used as the main grinding equipment and hydrocyclone is used as the classifying equipment.
– Grinding stage classification: According to the particle size composition of lead-zinc ore, consider using grinding stage classification process.

How to choose lead zinc ore grinding process and grinding equipment?

3. Select grinding equipment:
– For one-stage grinding, overflow type ball mill can be selected.
– For two-stage grinding, choose lattice-type ball mill for the first stage and overflow-type ball mill for the second stage.
– According to the daily processing capacity of the plant and the compatibility with upstream and downstream equipment, choose the model of grinding equipment. Strive to control the grinding size of lead-zinc ore within a reasonable range, so that the flotation operation can be carried out smoothly.

4. Classification stage:
– Pre-classification: Pre-classification is carried out to improve the grinding efficiency. Ensure that the lead-zinc ore meets the standard of qualified particle size (not less than 14%-15%, maximum size ≤6-7mm).
– Check classification: Ensure that the particle size of the overflow slurry is qualified. The coarse particles that do not pass must be returned to the grinding stage. The grinding operation is usually in a closed loop with the classification operation.

By following these steps and selecting the appropriate grinding process and equipment, a qualified lead-zinc ore can be ground and prepared for the flotation stage.

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