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How to choose calcium feldspar ball mill?

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To choose a calcium feldspar ball mill, consider the following factors:

How to choose calcium feldspar ball mill?
  1. Grinding Size: Determine whether you need coarse grinding (0-80 mesh), fine grinding (-325 mesh), or ultra-fine grinding. Coarse grinding can be done using autogenous mills, rod mills, or ball mills. Fine grinding options include lattice type ball mills, overflow type ball mills, or energy-saving ball mills. For ultra-fine grinding, consider Raymond mills or other ultra-fine mills.
  2. Application Range: Ball mills have a wider range of applications for grinding calcium feldspar. They can achieve the desired particle size, provide uniform discharge size, and offer high grinding efficiency with large output.
  3. Mineral Processing Capacity: Choose a ball mill model based on the annual processing capacity and grinding requirements. For processing capacities exceeding 200,000 tons per year, select large ball mill models like φ24003600, φ27002100, φ28003600, φ32004500, or φ36004500. For processing capacities ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 tons per year, choose medium-sized ball mill models such as φ18003000, φ18003600, φ18004500, φ18005600, φ18007000, φ21003600, φ32003600, φ36004500, φ18004500, φ21003000, φ21003600, φ21004500, or φ22003000. If the annual processing capacity is less than 10 tons, choose a small model like 1212, 1224, 1515, 1530, or 1545. Consider purchasing a model with a slightly larger processing capacity to accommodate any changes in processing requirements.

By considering these factors, you can select the appropriate calcium feldspar ball mill model for your needs.

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