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7 Small Ball Mill Machines for Sale in 2024

Small ball mill machines are essential in various industries, including mining, metallurgy, and ceramics, for grinding and blending materials. These machines are known for their efficiency, durability, and versatility, making them a valuable investment for both small-scale and large-scale operations. In 2024, several high-quality small ball mill machines are available for sale, offering a range of capacities and features to meet different needs. Here, we highlight seven of the best small ball mill machines, including the versatile Zoneding Ball Mill, and explore their specifications and applications.

1. Zoneding Ball Mill

7 Small Ball Mill Machines for Sale in 2024
Iron ore ball mill in Russia


ModelRotate speed (r/min)Grinding media Weight (T)Feed size (mm)Discharge size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Motor power (KW)Weight (T)
  • Capacity: 0.65-615t/h, Customizable
  • Feeding Size: <25mm; According to Model
  • Discharging Size: 0.075-0.4mm; According to Model
  • Applied Material: Limestone, granite, cobble, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, construction waste, glass, cement clinker, etc.


  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of materials, making it a versatile choice for different industries.
  • Customizable Capacity: The Zoneding Ball Mill offers customizable capacity options, catering to various production needs.
  • Precision Grinding: Provides a precise and consistent discharging size, ensuring high-quality output.

Why It Stands Out:

The Zoneding Ball Mill is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-capacity, customizable, and versatile ball mill machine. Its ability to handle various materials and provide precise grinding makes it a valuable asset in any operation. The customizable capacity allows businesses to tailor the machine to their specific needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

2. RETSCH PM 100 Planetary Ball Mill


  • Capacity: 0.5-4L per batch
  • Feeding Size: <10mm
  • Discharging Size: Down to 0.1 microns
  • Applied Material: Hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, and fibrous materials.


  • Planetary Mechanism: Ensures efficient grinding and mixing.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to operate with digital controls.
  • Compact Design: Space-saving and ideal for laboratory use.

Why It Stands Out:

The RETSCH PM 100 is perfect for laboratory applications due to its compact design and efficient planetary mechanism. Its ability to grind materials down to sub-micron levels makes it ideal for research and development purposes.

3. Lab Ball Mill by DECO


  • Capacity: 0.1-5L per batch
  • Feeding Size: <10mm
  • Discharging Size: 0.1-0.4mm
  • Applied Material: Chemicals, glass, ceramics, minerals, and more.


  • Portable Design: Easy to move and set up in different locations.
  • Variable Speed Control: Allows precise control over grinding speed.
  • High Efficiency: Designed for rapid grinding and mixing.

Why It Stands Out:

DECO’s Lab Ball Mill is an excellent choice for small-scale grinding needs. Its portability and variable speed control offer flexibility and efficiency, making it ideal for laboratory and small production settings.

4. Bench-Top Ball Mill by Across International


  • Capacity: 0.5-20L per batch
  • Feeding Size: <10mm
  • Discharging Size: Down to 0.1 microns
  • Applied Material: Hard and brittle materials, ceramics, chemicals, minerals.


  • Compact and Portable: Suitable for limited space environments.
  • High Efficiency: Capable of achieving extremely fine particle sizes.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand continuous use.

Why It Stands Out:

The Bench-Top Ball Mill by Across International is ideal for users needing a compact yet powerful milling solution. Its ability to achieve fine particle sizes makes it valuable for detailed material analysis and processing.

5. Desktop High Speed Vibrating Ball Mill by TOB NEW ENERGY


  • Capacity: 80ml per batch
  • Feeding Size: <1mm
  • Discharging Size: Down to 0.1 microns
  • Applied Material: Chemicals, minerals, ceramics, pharmaceuticals.


  • High Speed: Capable of high-speed milling for rapid processing.
  • Vibration Mechanism: Ensures efficient and uniform grinding.
  • Compact Design: Perfect for laboratory and small-scale applications.

Why It Stands Out:

The TOB NEW ENERGY Desktop High Speed Vibrating Ball Mill is ideal for users needing rapid and efficient grinding in a compact form. Its high-speed and vibration mechanism ensure uniform particle size distribution.

6. Ball Mill by TMAX


  • Capacity: 0.2-5L per batch
  • Feeding Size: <10mm
  • Discharging Size: 0.1-0.4mm
  • Applied Material: Various materials including ceramics, chemicals, and minerals.


  • Adjustable Speed: Allows customization of milling speed to suit different materials.
  • Robust Design: Built to handle rigorous milling tasks.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Simple controls for ease of use.

Why It Stands Out:

The TMAX Ball Mill offers robust construction and adjustable speed, making it versatile for various milling tasks. Its user-friendly design ensures ease of operation, suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

7. Mini Ball Mill by Yonglekang Equipment


  • Capacity: 0.4-4L per batch
  • Feeding Size: <5mm
  • Discharging Size: 0.1-0.5mm
  • Applied Material: Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals, and ceramics.


  • Compact Size: Suitable for laboratory and small-scale production.
  • Energy Efficient: Designed to minimize power consumption.
  • High Precision: Ensures uniform particle size distribution.

Why It Stands Out:

The Mini Ball Mill by Yonglekang Equipment is an energy-efficient and compact option for small-scale grinding needs. Its high precision and compact size make it perfect for laboratory applications and small production runs.

Final Toughts

Molybdenum ore ball mill in Luoyang
Molybdenum ore ball mill in Luoyang

Investing in a small ball mill machine can significantly enhance your material processing capabilities, whether you’re in the mining, ceramics, or chemical industries. Each of the machines highlighted here offers unique features and advantages, catering to different needs and applications.

The Zoneding Ball Mill stands out for its high capacity and versatility, making it an excellent choice for large-scale operations. In contrast, the RETSCH PM 100 and DECO Lab Ball Mill are perfect for laboratory settings with their compact designs and precise control features. For those needing rapid processing, the TOB NEW ENERGY Desktop High Speed Vibrating Ball Mill offers high-speed milling in a compact form.

Whether you need a robust and adjustable machine like the TMAX Ball Mill or an energy-efficient option like the Mini Ball Mill by Yonglekang Equipment, there is a small ball mill machine to meet your needs in 2024. Carefully consider your specific requirements and choose a machine that offers the right balance of capacity, durability, and precision to ensure the best results for your operations.

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