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25 T/H Molybdenum Ore Beneficiation Line In Congo

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The main valuable minerals in the customer’s location are molybdenite, quartz content in non-metallic minerals is more, and the vein minerals are severely altered. The processing plant process for a roughing, two sweeping, four selection, the original grade of molybdenum 0.38%, in recent years, due to increased mining depth, the nature of the ore changes, flotation indicators are poor, resulting in the loss of molybdenum metal loss is higher !

Introduction of Molybdenum Ore

Molybdenum is a metal element that was discovered relatively late, and was only extracted from molybdenum pyroxene by a Swedish chemist in 1792. Since molybdenum metal has the advantages of high strength, high melting point, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant research and so on, it has been widely utilized in industry.

The main valuable mineral at the customer’s site is molybdenite, and the non-metallic minerals have a high quartz content and serious alteration of the vein minerals. The plant process for a roughing, two sweeping, four selection, the original grade of molybdenum for 0.38%, in recent years due to increased mining depth, changes in the nature of the ore, flotation index is poor, resulting in more molybdenum metal loss. Later on, Zoneding determined the causes of the problem through on-site investigation and analysis, and determined the target process after several tests: one stage of grinding, one rougher, one rougher selection, one rougher concentrate regrinding, three sweeps, and seven selections after regrinding of the original ore, which achieved better indexes.

In the daily maintenance, we strictly follow the technical advice of Zoneding technical engineers, and the maintenance is in place. The running condition of the equipment is very stable. It creates considerable income for our plant.

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