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Drum DryerDrum Dryer

Drum Dryer

Applied Materials: Slag, gymsum, cement clinker, fly ash, cinder, kaolin, carbide slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, etc. in metallurgy, construction materials, chemical engineering, coal washing, chemical fertilizer, mining, sand making line and other industrial fields.
  • Weight:4-230t
  • Capacity: 0.5-76TPH


What is Drum Dryer?

A Drum Dryer, also known as a Single Drum Dryer, is a versatile piece of equipment used for drying various materials. It is commonly used in industries such as cement, metallurgy, mining, electricity, and chemicals.

The Drum Dryer offers several advantages, including simple and reliable operation, effective dust prevention, reliable sealing properties, and easy maintenance. It can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into a larger system with other essential components like dust collectors, feeders, conveyors, and more.

A Single Drum Dryer is used in a wide range of industries for drying different materials and substances. Some specific applications include:

Building Material Industry: Used to dry materials like slag, clay, bentonite, limestone, sand, silica sand, quartz sand, and kaolin.

Coal Industry: Used for drying ore, metal powder, diatomite, coal slime, coal, and mixed fine coal in the coal industry, as well as in the chemical industry, mining, and metallurgy sectors.

Fertilizer Industry: Vital for drying organic compound fertilizer, sludge, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, and other materials related to the fertilizer industry.

Other Industries: The Single Drum Dryer is versatile and can effectively dry moist powder and granular materials with specific requirements. Some examples include crystal materials, light calcium carbonate, active white earth, magnetic powder, graphite, inorganic mud, argil, lime slurry, mineral mud, phosphorus slag, and red mud in aluminum plants, among others.

In summary, the Single Drum Dryer serves as a reliable and adaptable drying solution, catering to the diverse material needs of various industries.

Drum Dryer Application.jpg

Single Cylinder Dryer Application

The Drum Dryer is designed with a well-structured configuration and offers several performance advantages that contribute to its versatility and efficiency as a drying equipment. Here are some key points:

Structure: The Drum Dryer consists of a drum, lifting plates, a dryer roller, and a feeding box. These components work together to facilitate the drying process.

Working Principle: The Drum Dryer operates based on the principles of heat transfer and gravity. The drum is positioned at an angle, allowing the materials to move along the inner wall as the drum rotates. This movement ensures efficient heat transfer and effective drying.

Lifting Plates: The lifting plates inside the drum play a crucial role. They lift the wet powder or particles, allowing them to come into close contact with the inner wall of the drum. This contact maximizes the exposure to heat, enhancing the drying process.

Dryer Roller: The dryer roller enables the drum to rotate smoothly. As the drum rotates, the wet materials are tumbled, ensuring that they are evenly distributed along the inner wall for efficient drying.

Overall, the Drum Dryer’s structure and design enable it to deliver effective and reliable drying performance across a wide range of materials and industries.

The Drum Dryer by Zoneding offers several notable advantages:

Versatility: The Drum Dryer is suitable for drying a wide variety of materials, making it adaptable to various drying operations. Its parameters can be adjusted to accommodate different types of materials, ensuring targeted and high-quality drying.

Concurrent Drying: The Drum Dryer utilizes a concurrent drying approach, where the heating medium and wet materials enter at high temperature and exit at low temperature. This design maximizes efficiency and provides optimal drying conditions.

High Temperature Resistance and Fast Drying: The Drum Dryer can withstand high temperatures, enabling fast and efficient drying. This not only reduces fuel consumption but also lowers overall drying costs.

Desired Moisture Content and Granularity: By utilizing the Drum Dryer, materials such as coal slime can achieve a moisture content below 8%. Additionally, the resulting product has a granular size below 8mm, meeting specific requirements.

In summary, Zoneding’s Drum Dryer excels in its design, offering versatility, concurrent drying, high temperature resistance, fast drying, and the ability to achieve desired moisture content and granularity. These advantages contribute to its effectiveness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness as a drying solution.

Difference Between Single Drum Dryer and Three Drum Dryer

Single Drum DryerThree Drum Dryer
Diameter of Outer Cylinder(m)1.2-3.62.5-3.6
Capacity(T/H)1.9-76.0Yellow Sand:25-70Slag: 20-65

From the provided table, we can compare the Three Drum Dryer and the Single Drum Dryer as follows:

Space Efficiency and Heat Utilization: The Three Drum Dryer occupies less space while effectively utilizing heat.

Energy Efficiency: The Three Drum Dryer is more energy efficient than the Single Drum Dryer when operating within the same space.

Capacity and Price: The Single Drum Dryer has a larger capacity and a comparatively lower price.

Operation and Maintenance: Operating and maintaining the Single Drum Dryer is easier compared to the Three Drum Dryer.

In summary, based on the table, the Three Drum Dryer is more space efficient and has better heat utilization, as well as being more energy efficient. On the other hand, the Single Drum Dryer offers a larger capacity, lower price, and ease of operation and maintenance.

Dryer Comparison.jpg

When operating a Single Cylinder Dryer, it is crucial to pay attention to several key aspects in order to ensure safe and efficient operation. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Burning system: The proper functioning of the burning system greatly impacts the dryer’s performance. Make sure it is in good condition and operating efficiently.

Prepare in advance: Ignite the oven at least one hour before starting dryer operations. This allows the system to reach the desired temperature and ensures optimal performance. Also, conduct a thorough inspection of all associated equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Sequential startup: Follow a specific order when turning on the dryer equipment. Start with the motor, followed by the wet materials conveyor, and then the dry materials conveyor. This helps maintain a consistent and steady process throughout.

Temperature control: Monitor the temperature of each bearing and ensure it remains below 50℃ while the dryer is operational. Excessive heat can cause damage and reduce the efficiency of the dryer. Additionally, keep an eye on the stable and normal rotation of components such as the wheels, cylinder, and other rolling parts.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Single Cylinder Dryer.

If you are interested in purchasing a high-quality drum dryer, Zoneding Machine is a reputable supplier that offers a wide selection of drum dryers for sale. For the most up-to-date pricing information or if you have any inquiries, please contact us. We appreciate your interest and are eager to assist you.

General Specification

Shell Cubage
Highest Inlet
Air Temperature
Main Motor

Technical parameters of indirect heat dryer:

of outer 
of inner 
inlet air
Φ1.5×15m15005001520.273-5%Lifting form85016.2×2.7×2.7
Φ1.8×21m18006502135.913-5%Lifting form85022.5×2.7×2.7
Φ2.2×21m22008002158.103-5%Lifting form850—-

Please note that the information provided may be subject to change as technology advances. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. The performance of the machine may vary depending on the specific application it is used for. For more detailed and up-to-date information, we recommend engaging in an online chat with our experienced engineers at Zoneding. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information to meet your specific needs.

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