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Sand DryerSand Dryer

Sand Dryer

Applied Materials:nRiver sand, quartz sand, artificial sand, silica sand, yellow sand, mineral sand, ore, slag, blast furnace slag, fly ash, cinder, etc. in building materials, ore dressing process, coal industry and power plant and so on.
  • Length:6-8.5m
  • Capacity: 20-99TPH

What is Sand Dryer?

Sand dryers can be classified based on two main factors: volume and the materials to be dried.

Sand dryer machines have various applications across different industries. Some common applications include:

Applications of Sand Dryer

Working Principle of Sand Drying Equipment


Working Principle of Sand Dryer

The rotary sand dryer consists of several components, including:

The advantages of a rotary sand dryer include:

Sand Dryer

Structure of Sand Dryer

During the installation of a sand dryer machine, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

Sand Dryer Customer Site

Sand Dryer Manufacturer

General Specification

Diameter of outer cylinder(m)
Length of outer cylinder(m)777.07.08
Cylinder volume( m³ )16.6316.6352.67852.67881.38
Rotating speed of cylinder(rpm)4-104-104 -104 -104 -10
Initial moisture of slag(%)10-1210-1210-1210-1210-12
Final moisture of slag(%)11111
Initial moisture of yellow ground(%)8-108-108-108-108-10
Final moisture of yellow ground (%)0.5-10.5-10.5-10.5-10.5-1
Highest intake air temperature(℃)700-750℃700-750℃700-750℃700-750℃700-750℃
Production capacity(T/h)Yellow sand: 25-30
Slag: 20-25
Yellow sand: 30-35
Slag: 25-30
Yellow sand: 35-40
Slag: 30-35
Yellow sand: 45-50
Slag: 35-40
Yellow sand: 65-70
Slag: 60-65
Motor typeY2-132m-4EY2-132m-4EY2-160m-4Y2-160m-4Y2-160m-4
Motor power(kw)7.5×211×27.5×47.5×415×4
Reducer typeXWD7-23-11WXWD7-23-11WXWD6-23-7.5KWXWD6-23-7.5KWXWD8-23-15KW
Velocity ratio of reducer2929292929

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