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250 T/H Panama Lead-Zinc Ore Flotation Machine Production Line

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The terrain of this customer’s area is relatively complex and diverse, Zoneding machine experts carried out an in-depth inspection of the processing site and studied the mineralogical characteristics of lead-zinc ore, optimized and upgraded the traditional beneficiation process, and then designed a lead-zinc ore beneficiation production line with an output capacity of 250 t/h

Introduction of Lead-Zinc Ore

Lead-zinc ore is a very versatile ore with high application value in many fields such as electric, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, military, medicine and so on. Lead-zinc ore reserves in the world are relatively large countries such as Canada, India, China, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, etc., generally using flotation process for its purification and processing.

The customer is located in the area of complex and diverse terrain, red star machine experts carried out an in-depth investigation of the processing site, and the mineralogical characteristics of lead-zinc ore, the traditional beneficiation process optimization and upgrading, and then designed a production line of lead-zinc ore beneficiation production with an output of 250/h, the main equipment has PE600 × 900 jaw crusher, PF1520 impact crusher, Ф 4000×6700 ball mill, SF type flotation machine, etc., roughly after crushing, grinding, classification, flotation, drying and other five processes, to obtain the concentrate recovery rate of more than 60%, and all the beneficiation indexes are in line with the ideal requirements.

1、Good energy-saving effect: the energy-saving effect of the core equipment of the whole production line, the flotation machine, reaches more than 70%, which can effectively realize the recycling and reuse of water resources, greatly saving the cost of water, and greatly reducing the amount of energy consumption.
2, high degree of automation: the design of advanced electronic control manipulation device makes the whole production line’s degree of automation increased by more than 2 times, which reduces the labor cost and management cost.
3、High beneficiation efficiency: the operation process is quite stable, low failure rate, beneficiation efficiency increased by more than 30%.
4、Low carbon and environmental protection: the design of sealing device and dustproof device greatly reduces the amount of dust and noise of the whole production line, low carbon and environmental protection effect is better.


The reasonable layout of the entire production line, high efficiency mode of operation, green production state are very satisfied with my company, for my company to save a lot of investment costs, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate again.

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