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Fly Ash DryerFly Ash Dryer

Fly Ash Dryer

Applied Materials: Fly ash, coal slime, slag, cement clinker, phosphor gypsum, kaolin and other particles and powder.
  • Capacity:1.9-76TPH
  • Moisture Reduction:40-60%

Fly Ash Dryer Introduction

Zoneding Machine offers a highly efficient fly ash dryer that is widely used for drying fly ash, phosphor gypsum, industrial dust, and waste slag. This type of rotary drying equipment is also commonly referred to as a powdered coal ash dryer or pond ash dryer. It boasts several key features, including reliable operation, excellent drying efficiency, high thermal efficiency, and large capacity.

Moreover, Zoneding’s fly ash dryer provides a solution to the environmental concerns and challenges associated with fly ash disposal. By effectively drying the fly ash, this dryer helps to reduce pollution, convert waste into valuable resources, and improve overall economic benefits. Zoneding’s fly ash dryer is a reliable and efficient solution for handling and processing fly ash.

Zoneding’s powdered coal ash dryer, which incorporates cutting-edge international technology, finds extensive applications in a variety of industries and sectors. Some of the key applications include:

  1. Cement Industry: The fly ash dryer is utilized for the advanced utilization of cement clinker and cement mixing materials. It facilitates the production of high-quality cement products.
  2. Construction Projects: The dyer is suitable for large hydro projects, pumping concrete, and the production of large-volume concrete products. It effectively dries materials used in construction applications.
  3. Building Materials: The fly ash dryer is widely used in the production of high-grade fillers and baked bricks. It helps in improving the quality and performance of building materials.
  4. Ore Processing: The dryer is commonly employed in the drying of various materials in the ore processing industry. It is capable of drying ore powder, zinc powder, and other mineral products.
  5. Metallurgy: The fly ash dryer is used in the metallurgical industry for drying materials such as kaolin and limestone. It helps to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption in various metallurgical processes.
  6. Transportation Infrastructure: The dryer finds applications in railway and highway projects for drying materials used in construction and road maintenance, including fly ash, phosphor gypsum, industrial dust, and waste slag.

Zoneding’s fly ash dryer is versatile and can be used in numerous industries and sectors where effective drying of materials with certain humidity is required.

Fly Ash Dryer Application.jpg

Applications of Fly Ash Dryer

Zoneding’s fly ash dryer offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice for drying fly ash. These advantages include:

  1. Professional Pertinence: The dryer is specifically designed to address the unique properties of fly ash, such as high humidity, low density, and significant changes in liquidity. It is tailored to effectively and efficiently dry fly ash.
  2. Low Investment Cost: The dryer provides a cost-effective solution for drying fly ash. It offers a wide range of fuel options, ensuring flexibility and reducing operational costs. Additionally, it has excellent drying efficiency and a large capacity, maximizing productivity.
  3. Adjustable Humidity Indicators: Zoneding’s fly ash dryer allows for customizable humidity indicators based on customer requirements. This feature ensures that the dried fly ash meets the specified moisture content for further processing or utilization.
  4. Superb Configuration and Reliable Operation: The dryer is equipped with high-quality components and features a robust configuration. This ensures smooth and reliable operation, minimizing downtime and maintenance requirements.
  5. High Economic Value: Zoneding’s fly ash dryer provides economic benefits by effectively converting waste fly ash into a valuable resource. It helps to reduce fly ash pollution, optimize resource utilization, and enhance overall environmental sustainability.

Zoneding’s fly ash dryer offers significant advantages, making it an efficient and reliable solution for drying fly ash and addressing the challenges associated with fly ash disposal and utilization.

Fly Ash Dryer Advantages.jpg

Benifits of Fly Ash Dryer

The fly ash dryer operates using a combination of convection and heat conduction to remove moisture from the wet fly ash. The process is as follows:

  1. Loading: Wet fly ash is evenly fed into the inner layer of the dryer through a feeder.
  2. Drying: The wet material is subjected to hot air as it moves spirally along the fixed shoveling plate. Heat from the hot air evaporates the moisture in the fly ash.
  3. Intermediate Drying: The partially dried fly ash then moves to the middle layer of the dryer, where it moves against the hot air flow in a two-step process. Heat from the inner and middle layers is fully utilized, further enhancing the drying efficiency.
  4. Final Drying: The fly ash reaches the other end of the intermediate layer and enters the outer layer, moving in a rectangular and multi-loop pattern. Fly ash that has reached the desired dryness is blown out of the dryer by the hot air, while any remaining moisture is further dried in the outer layer to achieve the required humidity level.

The fly ash dryer’s design and operation allow for efficient drying of the wet fly ash, resulting in a high-quality, dry product ready for further processing or utilization.

Woking Process of Fly Ash Dryer.gif

Working Principle of Fly Ash Dryer

The coal ash dryer offers several environmental protection values:

  1. Recycling: The dryer recycles the burnt coal powder and transforms it into useful fly ash. This reduces the need for disposal of coal ash and allows for its reutilization in various industries, such as concrete production.
  2. Pollution Prevention: By effectively drying the moist coal ash, the dryer helps prevent wet emission and the associated pollution to the environment. The collected and dried fly ash is prevented from entering the air or water systems, reducing the risk of contamination.
  3. Energy Efficiency: The coal ash dryer is designed to maximize heat utilization, resulting in improved efficiency. This means that less fuel is consumed, contributing to energy conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Environmental Compliance: By providing a reliable and efficient solution for processing moist coal ash, the dryer helps power plants and other industries comply with environmental regulations and standards concerning the proper management and utilization of coal ash.

Overall, the coal ash dryer contributes to environmental protection by promoting the recycling and proper management of coal ash, reducing pollution, improving energy efficiency, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Fly Ash Dryer Value.jpg

Value of Fly Ash Dryer

Fly ash, which is a byproduct of coal combustion, can be effectively utilized in various ways. The usage of fly ash includes:

  1. Cement Production: Fly ash can be used as a partial replacement for cement in the production of concrete. It acts as a supplementary cementitious material, enhancing the strength and durability of the concrete while reducing the amount of cement needed. This helps in conserving natural resources and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
  2. Building Materials: Dried fly ash can be utilized in the production of bricks, blocks, and other building materials. It contributes to improved strength, reduced water absorption, and increased resistance to environmental factors such as freeze-thaw cycles. These materials find applications in construction projects, such as roads, dams, and buildings.
  3. Soil Stabilization: Fly ash can be mixed with soil to enhance its properties, such as improved compaction, reduced permeability, and increased load-bearing capacity. This is particularly useful in road construction, embankments, and stabilizing soft soils.
  4. Waste Remediation: Fly ash can be used for the encapsulation and stabilization of certain types of hazardous waste materials. The high alkaline nature of fly ash can neutralize acidic substances, making it suitable for remediation purposes.
  5. Other Applications: Fly ash can be further processed to produce materials such as microbeads, powdered iron, carbon, and aluminum, which can be utilized in various industries for different purposes, including water treatment, manufacturing processes, and filling materials.

By utilizing fly ash, we can reduce environmental pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote sustainable practices in various industries. The dry fly ash produced with the help of the Fly Ash Dryer facilitates the efficient utilization of this byproduct, further contributing to these benefits.

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Fly Ash Dryer Manufacturer

Zoneding Machine is a leading manufacturer of Fly Ash Dryers with over 40 years of experience in the field of mining machines. They are committed to providing high-quality products with low-cost and high-efficiency to meet customer requirements.

Zoneding offers advanced Fly Ash Dryers for sale at favorable and reasonable prices compared to other suppliers. They also provide free instruction and professional on-site installation services for customers, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Customers can benefit from two-week delivery to their nearest port, ensuring a timely arrival of the equipment. Additionally, Zoneding offers a one-year warranty, providing peace of mind to customers. They are dedicated to offering sincere and reliable service.

If you are interested or have any inquiries, feel free to contact Zoneding Machine for more information.

General Specification

Shell Cubage
Highest Inlet
Air Temperature
Main Motor

Technical parameters of indirect heat dryer:

of outer 
of inner 
inlet air
Φ1.5×15m15005001520.273-5%Lifting form85016.2×2.7×2.7
Φ1.8×21m18006502135.913-5%Lifting form85022.5×2.7×2.7
Φ2.2×21m22008002158.103-5%Lifting form850—-

Please note that the data provided above is subject to change as technology improves. Zoneding Machine reserves the right to make adjustments without prior notice. It is important to acknowledge that machine performance may vary depending on the specific application. For more detailed and up-to-date information, it is recommended to chat online with Zoneding engineers. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information based on your specific needs and requirements.

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