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Iron Powder Briquetting MachineIron Powder Briquetting Machine

Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Applied Materials: Fine iron powder, iron oxide scale, steel slag/sludge, mill scale, manganese ore fines, charcoal powder, coal fines, coke fines, carbon black, etc.
  • Power:5.5-132KW
  • Capacity: 1-50TPH


Introduction of Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

The iron powder briquetting machine is also called powdered iron briquetting machine or oxide scale briquetting machine. The raw material can be directly put into production after crushing without adding water. Iron ore powder (iron powder, iron ore) is one of the most important metal powder materials in metallurgical industry, which is used in large amount in the powder metallurgy production and its consumption accounts for about 40% of the total consumption of metal powder. The iron powder briquetting machine can guarantee the intensity and density of iron powder briquettes.

Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

The iron briquette machine is a kind of high-pressure ball press which is used to press the hard-granular material. The iron powder briquette machine is characterized by large forming pressure, adjustable revolution of main engine and screw feeding device. It is widely used, and many materials can be pressed into a ball.

Zoneding Iron Briquette Machine Classification Based on Structure

There are mainly two types of iron briquette machines offered by Zoneding Machine. One is the machine that has the qualified product and unqualified product are discharged at the same side. The other is to discharge these two kinds of products at different sides.

Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Two Types of Iron Powder Briquette Machines

Structural Features of Iron Powder Briquette Machine

  1. The feeding system realizes uniform feeding of iron powder which can prevent the machine from idling. This can save power energy and reduce cost.
  2. Hydraulic protection device iron powder ball press has hydraulic protection device.
  3. As a key part, the mould is made of composite components with 65Mn, which is wearable and can be replaced in case of being worn. 
  4. This type of briquette machine is equipped with shock absorbers, which can better protect the equipment from the impact of hard materials.
  5. Iron powder briquetting machine is designed with ball bowl adjustable device to ensure that the ball bowl of two rollers is always in the adjustable range.
Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

The Structure of Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Applications of Iron Powder Briquette Machine

The iron powder briquetting machine is a kind of widely used metal powder processing equipment in coal industry, metallurgy industry and chemical industry materials. The briquettes made by this equipment can be used as metal smelting materials and chemical reactant. Some good cases in point are as follows. Steel plant reprocess iron ore powder briquettes to make steel; chemical plant uses mill scale briquettes to make ferrosilicon.

It can be used to suppress coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, iron filings, iron oxide sheet, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke and other powder material and waste residue in power plants, metallurgy, refractory material industry, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating, etc.

Iron Powder Briquetting Machine Application.jpg

Applications of Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Requirements of Processed Materials

>>Size Requirements:
It is suitable for particles of no larger than 8mm, and the smaller, the better. Because it is good for make high-density balls. Besides, the materials are preferably powdery and granular.

>>Moisture Requirements:
Humidity below 12% is better for the material to be briquetted. It’s not easy to press the powder into ball.

If the material is of large size, the crusher machine is needed.
If the material is of high humidity, a dryer machine is needed.
If the material is too dry, adhesive or water is needed; or you can select a dry powder briquette machine.

Oxide Scale Briquetting Machine

Oxide scale briquetting machine mainly adopts waste iron materials such as oxidation, dust, ash, blast furnace slag,manganese powder, silicon manganese alloy powder, iron ore concentrate powder as well as minerals of nonferrous metal industry. It can complete the smelting and ball pressing of all powdery materials which require to be melted by the furnace.

Oxide Scale Pressed Into Balls.jpg

Oxide Scale Pressed Into Balls

Powdered Iron Briquetting Machine

Powdered iron briquetting machine is specially used to suppress iron powder. In the pressing process, it needs to add special dry powder adhesives. The one-time molding and forming rate can reach about 90%. The iron concentrate after pressing can be used in various industries, which can reduce the loss of resources and greatly increase the production efficiency. In China, many large iron ore mines have bought powderediron briquetting machines and put them into use, which have good effect with less investment and soon benefits.

Iron Ore Powder Pressed Into Balls.jpg

Iron Ore Powder Pressed Into Balls

Performance Advantages of Iron Powder Briquette Machine

The powdered iron briquetting machine is suitable for pressing wet powders, which means that it is necessary to add the proper amount of water or other liquid adhesives into the materials. This product has an excellent pressing effect on various materials such as caustic-burned magnesia powder, sinter, sludge in steel plant and an iron fine meal. Iron powder briquette machine is equipped with reducer, and the motor and the reducer drive the machine through arc tooth coupling and the two rollers of the main engine rotate in the opposite direction driven by the synchromesh gear.

Customer Case

Last year, a customer who is from the United Arab Emirates and runs a medium-sized iron ore plant chatted with our professional engineer online for details of iron powder briquetting machine. He got to know that it’s easy to store and transport if the ore powder is pressed into balls.

After the communication, Zoneding engineer provided two solutions based on his requirements, including the required production capacity, finished product size, etc. Compared with other iron powder briquette machine manufacturer, he selected one of Zoneding solutions and gave a good feedback.

These are the details of this iron ore powder production line.

Production Capacity: 0.5 Million Tons per Annum

Feeding Size:<1mm

Product Size: 30mm (customized)

Iron Powder Briquetting Machine

Iron Powder Briquette Customer Site

Iron Power Briquetting Machine Manufacturer

As a professional Iron Powder Briquette Machine manufacturer, Zoneding Machine is specialized in manufacturing various types of high-quality briquette machines, and we can configure a series of high quality and efficient production lines of these machines. Our goal is to provide the best equipment, best quality service and the most assured choice for customers!

General Specification

ModelRoller Diameter
Heavy ZDMQ3603603-57.5-11400
Heavy ZDMQ4304305-815500

Note: Data may change for the improving technology; we reserve the right of changing without notice; Machine performance may vary depending on application; for more details, please chat online with Zoneding engineers.

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