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Russia 180 t/h Tire-type Limestone Aggregate Mobile Crushing Line

Mobile Crusher Case 1140

Limestone is a kind of stone that exists a lot in nature, and after crushing, it can be used for all kinds of construction, paving, building bridges, railroads and other purposes.

Project Introduction

With the progress and development of society, the mining industry can no longer be as large footprint and high emission as before. The boss of a mining site who is eager to transform found the designers of Zoneding Machine brand and asked for a movable crushing plant with a small footprint and high working efficiency. Our personnel designed this production line with strong mobile capacity and strong combination capacity, which can complete the crushing work in a short time, not only solving the existing problems for this site, but also saving 15% of the production cost.

While improving work efficiency, it also saved 15% of production costs, which is much better than expected.

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